Why slow driving will get you ticketed

Why slow driving will get you ticketed

Oct 24, 2018, 3:55:12 PM Opinion


You can never be too careful without seeming slow. Yet, it is a major concern if you can get ticketed for being a slow driver. In most cases, you will often find road signs for maximum speed limit and barely see one for the minimum speed limit.

Yet, the answer to this question is that slow driving will earn you a ticket. Here is why and what you can do to evade this problem.


While on the highway, you can receive a ticket for slow driving when you are driving at a speed that deters the normal traffic movement and could potentially be hazardous to any driver near you.

However, this only applies to highways and when you are driving considerably below a given minimum speed limit. But, in many highways, the furthest lane on the right is often used for slow driving. This is also the most convenient lane for heavy vehicles.

The penalty for a slow driving ticket is often a monetary fine depending on the state or country.

Despite there being a speed limit, certain environmental or road conditions may force you to drive slowly. These include wind, fog, rain, darkness, and other harsh environmental and road conditions. In such a case, if you get ticketed for slow driving, you can defend your situation in court through a traffic ticket lawyer.

What to do when given a ticket for slow driving

You may receive a ticket for illegal slow driving that could cause the blocking of normal traffic flow. However, what should you do in order to come out of a ticketed situation?

A ticket attorney long beach will come in handy when you require saving from a ticket situation. Get the best defense from these lawyers experienced in traffic tickets.

Red light camera violations

Red light tickets are almost always unavoidable. Many people acquire this ticket very easily through the violation of the red traffic light.

You may receive a ticket for going through the stop intersection once a red traffic light appears and a camera snaps a picture of your number plate. This is the red light ticket and can be quite frustrating and perceived unfair.

However, the good thing about a red light ticket is that you do not have to pay for it immediately. This ticket is unlike the other traffic tickets. You can get help from a lawyer for red light ticket to help you prove your innocence and eliminate the red light ticket charges.

Using the services of these lawyers will help you save on the fine money and in return, you get satisfactory services.

To wrap it up, safety is a major road concern and should be the first thing you keep in mind while driving. However, certain speeds in a favorable environmental and road condition may be considered slow and frustrating to other drivers who are behind you.

This is the cause of slow driving tickets but, with the help of a good lawyer, you can come out of a ticketed situation. If slow driving is caused due to inadequate driving practice, it is advisable for you to take further driving practice in a driving school.

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