Benefits of travelling.

Hey happy pixels!! I must tell you I was really happy when my friendShivali and I accorded this guest post. For the first time writing at her blog, I’ve chosen one of my favorite topics: travelling.

Travelling has been always one of my favorite activities. When I have enough time and money, I go to somewhere to spent a few days away from home and from my daily routine.

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I’m sure if I don’t travel enough now, someday, when I’ll be old, I’ll regret about it. I think travelling it’s the best way (or at least, one the bests) to spend your money and time. You visit a new place, learn new things, met new people, eat different foods…. The list of advantages is endless. And this is the subject of this post: the benefits that travelling has for you. Enjoy them, probably when you finish reading you’ll want to book a flight to somewhere…

  1. Travelling opens your mind.


Meeting someone interesting on a train, or having a revelation about your life purpose while visiting a museum. All this is possible when you’re out of home. That’s because you open your mind to all the new experiences you’re having. It’s less probable when you’re at home, just because you tend to get stacked in your routine: home/work. Probably you’re paying less attention to your surroundings that when you’re in a brand, new place, and you want to catch all that little details just because they are new for you.

  1. It’s not only the destination.


The travel itself starts when you decide to make it. Deciding where to go, planning what to do, buying the plane tickets, and of course, the journey to your final destination are part of the fun, too. Good things can happen everywhere: you can have the best experience of your travel when you’re still going there. You can’t know when a great experience will take place. So, don’t be afraid to change your plans or to improvise. Lose yourself in a nice town or visit a remote beach.

Even the journey back home is not as sad as could be. You are tired, but you have a lot of good experiences to share and think about.

  1. Meeting new people seems easier when you’re abroad.


This is especially true if you travel alone. There is plenty of people travelling alone, so you can met one of them, start to talk and become best friends in just a few hours. You can make together some activities, and this way you won’t feel lonely. Just  if you want, having some time to spent on your own is ok, too. We all need time for ourselves, so if another person doesn’t want to talk to you, respect them, too.

  1. You learn tons of things in just a few days.

watch art

From new food recipes to cultural facts about your destination. All is possible in an exciting, new environment. Remember you’ll find yourself surrounded by another language, another culture, different ways of living and thinking. You’ll discover another ways to live and enjoy.

Even if you’re in another region of your own country, you can learn about the local gastronomy or traditions. It’s impossible to go to somewhere where you can’t learn anything. There are things I still don’t know from the island where I live.

Don’t be afraid to ask to local people if you want to know more about their traditions or how to say something in their language. Probably they will be glad to see that you are interested and they will answer to your questions. If they don’t speak the same language as you, try to learn at least a pair of basic sentences to use daily. This is always nice.

  1. Your home looks better when you return.

home decor

After a travel, you appreciate more what you have at home. Travelling makes you more patient, makes you feel more relaxed, increases your resources and gives you great memories. You’ll have all this with you, always. Even at home.

And, of course, after a while, you feel tired and there’s nothing like home to rest. Met your friends, family, explain your travel to them.  Look at your familiar environment in a new way. Discover things you have near but you’ve never seen before.

At least until your next adventure.

  1. Now you want to leave it again.

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Because you should be careful, my happy pixels. Travelling causes addiction. Once you have started, you don’t want to stop. Probably you’ll find yourself looking at maps, travel guides and ticket prices in just a few weeks after you’ve arrived. Or sooner…

But at the same time, it’s the best addiction you can have. I have a list with all the places I want to visit before I die. And I must say this list is growing, because I always discover new wonderful places where I want to go.

What do you think about travelling now, my happy pixels? Are you planning a trip now? Where do you want to travel next time? Please, let us know in the comments below.

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