Things that make me happy

Things that make me happy

Hey pixels!! Yesterday I was invited by my friend ScaleSimpleto take part in the “101 simple things challenge”. It consists on  writing 101 things that make me happy. As hapiness is an important part of our comunity, my pixels, I was glad to be invited, and I accepted the challenge immediately.

Here are the exact rules of the challenge:

  1. Write 101 simple things that make you happy.
  2. Tag 5 bloggers who you would like to invite to take part in this challenge.
  3. Mention ScaleSimple in your post.

So here it starts my challenge. This is my own list.


101 simple things that bring me happiness…

Happiness is…

  1. reading a good book
  2. ice cream
  3. a warm tea on a cold day
  4. having a coffee with friends
  5. watching a good film at the cinema
  6. looking at the rain from behind a window
  7. the smell of rain
  8. travelling
  9. learning something new
  10. knitting
  11. drawing
  12. sewing
  13. baking
  14. cooking
  15. talking with my  mum and dad
  16. listening granny’s stories about her past (one day I’ll write a book about her)
  17. writing
  18. watching old family photos
  19. eating my favourite dishes
  20. chocolate
  21. winter
  22. winter clothes
  23. Autumn
  24. Christmas
  25. family gatherings
  26. watching cycling on TV
  27. riding my own bike
  28. crafts
  29.  a cat
  30.  a bunny
  31. videos of cats
  32. videos of bunnies
  33. watching my favourite film
  34. maps
  35. planning my next trip
  36. friends
  37. taking pictures of beautiful things
  38. the moment when I wake up, I realize it’s Sunday and I can stay in bed because I have no work
  39. hand made stuff
  40. interacting with another bloggers
  41. thinking about koalas
  42. building a sandcastle
  43. the smell of a book
  44. a library
  45. museums
  46. watching a good documentary
  47. listening to music
  48. Eurovision
  49. a Summer storm
  50. being cozy at home during a storm
  51. the sound of the rain
  52. walking under the rain in my raincoat and rain boots
  53. trying new recipes
  54. when you discover a new book, song, film… and you fall in love with it
  55. talking about art, because art is the best
  56. making lists
  57. buying fresh vegetables at the farmer’s market
  58. flea markets (even when you don’t buy anything)
  59. staying at the shadow (too pale for sun)
  60. eating fresh strawberries
  61. arriving at a city when you’ve never been before and start exploring it
  62. discovering new places
  63. seeing your own town different after a travel
  64. getting lost somewhere and arriving to a fantastic place instead of where you were going
  65. walking on the grass without shoes
  66. a beach on Autumn and Winter
  67. the smell of my clothes after washing them
  68. a clean and organized house
  69. the smell of the grass
  70. having a coffee on my own
  71. laughing with my family
  72. spending time with the people you love
  73. be kind with people
  74. realizing that your family is more important than anything else
  75. when another person is kind with you
  76. to be healthy
  77. when you finish a project after all the hard work
  78. to start a new and exciting project
  79. the smell of my kitchen after baking a cake
  80. to have a new hobby
  81. an old hobby
  82. your birthday party
  83. to receive a message or a letter from a person who is important for you
  84. to remember old happy moments
  85. to look for new post ideas
  86. to have a great idea for a new post
  87. when you wake up and you remember all the cool things you’re going to do that day
  88. when you realize you just have had a great day
  89. having a walk in Winter wearing warm and comfy clothes
  90. the clean atmosphere after it has rained
  91. your wish after you see a shooting star
  92. watching the sunset
  93. watching the sunrise
  94. watching a film at a friend’s house but really talking all the time about it and ending up laughing a lot and having silly ideas to make your own films and videos
  95. all the time you’re making the things you love
  96. listening to good live music in your favourite café
  97. to receive that cool thing you bought online
  98. a picnic
  99. playing board games with my family
  100. sharing a cake I’ve just baked
  101. all the moments I wish they could last forever because I feel so good and I don’t want them to finish


That’s my list, my happy pixels!! Now, are you going to make your own list? You’ll realize there a lot of happy, small moments in your life!!

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