A Beginner’s Guide to Butterfly Tattoo Symbolism

A Beginner’s Guide to Butterfly Tattoo Symbolism

Jan 29, 2021, 2:40:01 PM Life and Styles

The butterfly is believed to be a curious creature. It begins the journey of life as a caterpillar, struggles for a prolonged period inside a cocoon, and then finally emerges with captivating colours.

Over the past couple of years, the butterfly has been used as a tattoo theme. Women ink it on their outer collarbone, nape of the neck, inner wrist, ankle, and lower back. Why? Probably because of the profound symbolism. To know more, please check out the rest of the discussion.

Resurrection, Rebirth, and Transformation

Besides wondering where to get a tattoo in Thailand or any other part of the world, you must focus on what a design represents. Since butterflies transform quite literally into something else, they have been associated with resurrection and rebirth. According to Christian folklore, a butterfly stands for the rebirth of Jesus Christ’s soul.

The caterpillar is an ordinary material, just like most of the people on the planet. When it transforms into a butterfly, it is liberated from its ordinariness. In this sense, the butterfly stands for spiritual transformation and not just restoration of the physical body.

Butterfly Effect

If you ever doubt a butterfly’s power, look up the term – ‘butterfly effect.’ Although it originated in chaos theory, it has become an integral part of popular culture. The idea is that one tiny change in the system can create larger changes elsewhere. For example, a tornado may be influenced by the mere flapping of a butterfly’s wings.

Ray Bradbury, a renowned science fiction short story writer, talked about the butterfly effect in 1952. He said that a couple of hunters travelled back to the Cretaceous period to search for Tyrannosaurus Rex. They are required to stick to a particular path not to create changes to the future timeframe.

When they handle an angry dinosaur, one of the hunters accidentally steps on a butterfly and crushes it. After returning to the present, they see that several things are different, including the way people speak. So, the change created when one small butterfly was killed proved to be quite far-reaching. It is similar to the ripples in water spreading from one central point.

Freedom and Hope

Human beings have always been fascinated by flight. According to the experts working in a tattoo parlour in Thailand, a butterfly gains the ability to fly later in life. In this particular context, the butterfly reminds us that flying signifies freedom and provides the hope that one day we all will be free.

Butterfly Tattoo Types

·        The Chinese people consider two butterflies together to symbolise love. You and your partner may opt for it.

·        A butterfly with a wide range of colours and patterns can be used to show your extroverted nature.

·        A butterfly with large wings can resemble an angel and its intrinsic connection with the physical and spiritual world.


As evident from above, the butterfly is an amazing creature capable of inspiring human beings for centuries. Owing to being aesthetic as well as connotative, it will always remain a popular tattoo theme.

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