A Pet Care Guide for Active Seniors

A Pet Care Guide for Active Seniors

Jan 29, 2021, 2:21:39 PM Life and Styles

They are our best companions and keep us healthier mentally and physically just by being in our lives. For active seniors, pets serve not only as best friends and loyal listeners but as walking partners, reasons to get out of bed, and family members to look after. Many people don't realize the full range of benefits owning a pet can have for a senior. Whether you're ready for retirement or have owned pets your entire life, read on for ways our pets make our golden years all the better.

Pets and Health Benefits

Whether you have a large dog or a tiny pooch, one way your dog can help you is by forcing you to go for walks. A puppy won't be as happy sitting at home all day, so if you own a pet dog, plan to walk. Start out with a dog harness that's the perfect fit. You'll have better control with a secure fit harness than a standard collar and leash.

The great news is the pet care industry has grown in the last few years and the types of harnesses available are numerous. From lightweight to harnesses with adjustable points for your dog's neck and overall comfort to durable gear that will stop even the best of pullers from tugging too hard, your options are nearly limitless.

For seniors who hope to stay active, taking the dog for a daily walk around the neighborhood is a great way to stay in shape. A nice side effect is feeling less isolated as you walk by the neighbors' houses, too.

Cutting Costs

Many seniors hold off on buying a pet because they're worried about cost. While feeding and caring for a pet can be expensive, there are ways to save money. Sildenafil cost, for example, can be reduced with the right coupons and discounts. If you're worried about how to pay for an animal and are on a tight budget, a local veterinarian or rescue league will be able to point you in the right direction of ways to save money.

Remember: your pet doesn't care if their food's brand name or whether or not the front of their harness has their initials on it. Your pet cares about love, companionship, and spending time with you. Don't automatically rule a pet out because you're worried about the expense. Owning a pet has health benefits for you that could save your wallet, too.

Companionship and Mental Wellness

For as much as those walks will help with things like high blood pressure and pushing off mobility issues, owning a pet is therapeutic as well. Not only can your boxer warn you when someone comes to your house, but they can keep you company, too. Watching your fish in its tank can relax you. Petting your cat can raise the chemicals in your brain that may keep depression away. The physical and mental health benefits of owning a pet have no substitute.

No matter what your medical condition or whether or not you've owned pets in the past, active seniors might want to consider a rescue pet as the perfect extra ingredient for those golden retirement years. Car rides together and trips to the pond or lake will build not only memories with your new best friend but give you reasons to stay active longer.

In the end, owning a pet is not for everyone. For active seniors, it can be the perfect answer for loneliness, protection, and the preservation of physical and mental wellness. If you or a loved one are an active senior considering getting a pet, do some research to find out which type of pet or breed might be a good fit for your lifestyle.

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