Are You Experiencing Neck Pain? Here Are Various Forms of Neck Pain

Are You Experiencing Neck Pain? Here Are Various Forms of Neck Pain

Sep 4, 2021, 1:42:34 PM Life and Styles

Neck pain is a prevalent problem experienced by many people. The pain is mainly caused by muscle strain, poor posture or support, and injuries that one might sustain probably due to an accident. The condition can also be a result of abnormalities, inflammation, or osteoarthritis. The pain can sometimes limit your functionality. It is advisable to look for a pain management specialist to aid in managing the pain. If you are experiencing neck pain, Dr. Steven Ferrer at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine is your reliable expert. He will guide you through the treatment process until the condition subsides.

Herniated Disc

This injury is also known as bulged or ruptured disk and usually occurs with one of your discs between the vertebrae that make up your spine. Did you know that you can have this injury and fail to be versed early enough? For some people, a herniated disc is a painful experience. The symptoms vary depending on the location of the herniation along your spine. Most people experience herniated discs in the lower back, but at times it can also occur in areas around your neck.

Symptoms may include:

·      Numbness or tingling.

·       Arm or leg pain.

·      Weakness.

Specialists offer different treatment options ranging from surgeries to non-surgical treatment.

Cervical Radiculitis

Cervical Radiculitis consists of compression of the nerve roots, mainly in the upper seven vertebrae of the spine. This specific part of the spine is known as the cervical vertebrae. This injury occurs when your spinal disc presses against the nerves along your spinal cord. The impulses can be felt around and beyond the neck.

Symptoms include:

·      Numbness around the affected area.

·      Pain in the arm and forearm.

·      Pain near the shoulder blade.

·      Mild tingling and pulsating sensation.

·      You may rarely experience pain radiating down your fingers.

Cervical Disc Disease

Your cervical spine consists of seven bones known as vertebrae separated by discs. The discs are filled with cushioning gel-like material. They help in stabilizing your neck and facilitating movement. Also, they act as natural shock absorbers and wear out with time. As a result of disc degeneration, the space between the vertebrae narrows and causes the nerve roots to be pinched.

Symptoms include:

·      Numbness and tingling sensation over the arm.

·      Muscle and hand weakness may occur.

·      Neck and arm pain, at the time it may radiate down into the hand.

Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis disorder is caused by abnormal wear of the cartilage and the cervical vertebrae. It may also include abnormal wearing off of the cervical discs and the joints between bones of the cervical spine.

Symptoms include:

·      Headaches.

·      Loss of sensation in the shoulders and the limbs.

·      Neck stiffness is likely to worsen over time.

·      Neck pain.

·      Weakness of the arms but on rare occasions also the legs.

Talk to a Neck Pain Specialist Today

Most people experience neck pain as a result of postures and injuries. The condition is also catalyzed with age as the degenerative wearing of disc cartilage occurs. The neck is vital, and reasonable caution must be taken to ensure it stays in good shape. If you experience neck pain, it is advisable to seek treatment from a specialist. New Jersey Sports and Pain Medicine specializes in pain treatment management and would be your ideal choice for your neck pain. Call them today and schedule an appointment.

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