Best Trending Tattoo Ideas For Both Men And Women

Our passion for tattoo art is evident since ancient times, where the ancient art of tattooing was quite popular among men and women of that period. The tattoo is transforming the body into a work of art. Starting from tribal symbols, combat rankings, protective totems, the carving of a loved one’s name, or some sacred symbols, tattooing is much more than just an image.

However, we see a massive change in the tattoo ideas and styles of the modern generation. Today, it is nearly impossible to list the abundance of options available for tattoo designs and inspiration. In this guide, you will get to know about the best contemporary tattoo styles and designs by the world-class tattoo artist in the Philippines or for any other location.

Top tattoo styling ideas for both men and women

·        3D Designs

Trying to grab attention but no one is paying attention is a common issue most of us have to deal with at a certain point in time. Well, with 3D tattoo designs, you can surely stand among the rest in the crowd. This is a three-dimensional ink style tattoo design that has given a completely new avatar to the tattoo industry.

·        Anatomical

For those who love to imprint their body with realistic body parts, from heart, muscles to bones, this anatomical tattoo concept is perfect for them.

·        Butterfly designs

Perfect for girls, this tattoo is an inspiration for those girls who are looking for fresh new ink. This type of design can be considered as a symbol of love, hope, resilience, peace, etc.

·        Scorpion

Girls who enjoy showcasing their pride, bravery, and modesty can go for this scorpion tattoo idea. If you put on these dangerous predatory arachnids in your body, then you are clearly showing the strength and intimidation.

·        Skull head

This tattoo design is immensely popular and universally recognized as a symbol of death. For decades, this tattoo design has been much-loved and are mostly preferred by the individuals who have suffered in life and have been bullied in their life.

·        Biochemical

Are you devotionally attached to gears and terminators just like in the movies, death race, Fast and Furious, or Terminator? If yes, then ink up your body with this cool biochemical tattoo design. This 3D style features wires, metal pieces, gears, etc., which are mostly preferred by young men.

·        Ambigram

Want to add more fun in tattooing like read it this or that way? Well, this contemporary concept of ambigram tattoo design was much prominent among the early 90 artists. These designs are enriched with ornate and elegant styles.

·        UV ink/ Glow in the Dark

It is time for you to take the tattoo experience into the next level with this glow in the dark tattoo ideas. During the day time, the UV ink absorbs the light and begins to glow when darkness begins.

Tattoo art is a classy style to showcase your personality. However, you must consider the cost of a tattoo in the Philippines or for any other location before getting one

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