Cuddle Up For a Weekend In With Canned Wine

Cuddle Up For a Weekend In With Canned Wine

Feb 23, 2021, 12:46:10 PM Life and Styles

Wine is known as the 'drink of romance.' The process of making wine begins in the vineyard, and it ends up in a tall glass. Hold that thought! Gone are those days when you had to pour wine into a glass. You can now drink wine straight from a can. 


In today's generation, the idea of romance has changed. Here's an article that sheds light on why couples prefer canned wine


Firstly, we need to tell you why wine is the most romantic drink in the world. 


Why Wine Is The Most Romantic Drink in the World 


Love is sweet, and the wine's no different. Couple that with a box of dark and flavored chocolates and some rose petals. Picture all this in your mind! Isn't it romantic? 


Moreover, wine names are supremely romantic too. Pick any name: Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. It's like music to the ears. Wine has the same effect on your brain as love. When two people are in love, the human body releases oxytocin.' These are known as love hormones. 


The hormone makes you want to get closer to your beloved. It makes you want to touch another person and feel their skin. 


A glass or two of wine will make you happy, and it does not give you a bad hangover. Hence, wine is the most romantic and delicious drink. The perfect way to drink wine is to sip it slowly. Instead of taking vodka shots, enjoy wine with your beloved. It's much more romantic! 


Now that you are aware of what wine does to you, let's move on to the section where we will tell you how you can enjoy a weekend with your beloved with canned wine. 


Canned Wine, Good Food, Netflix, and Love Beside 


Many people believe that wine works as an aphrodisiac. Weekends are for relaxing, and you must take out time to spend some quality time with your love. 


Keep the phone aside, put it on silent, and select a romantic movie on Netflix. These days there are interesting series too. How about watching Bridgerton or FRIENDS with your partner? 

You can create a cozy space in your living room. Just throw some mattresses, put on some cotton/silk sheets, buy canned wine in bulk, and order Chinese food. 


Did you know that wine can be paired with different foods as well? 

You could pair it with seafood dishes like crab cakes, prawn skewers, seared fish, fish and chips, and even sushi. Are you interested in trying different types of cheese? There are hundreds of cheese available, and you can try some of them with wine. 


Let's get back to the real point. We are here to tell you why you should think of cuddling up with canned wine! 


Canned wine is handy, and it does not break like a wine glass. You can buy it in bulk and enjoy it straight from the can. Even if you are outside (camping or a hike), you can set up space and carry cozy blankets with you. 


Cuddle up in front of the bonfire and enjoy wine from a can. The good news is that some of these wine cans have 0% sugar. Canned wines are made from natural ingredients and are quite delicious. 


It's portable and comes in a variety of flavors. Who says you have to buy a bottle to enjoy Pinot Grigio or Merlot? You can enjoy the flavors and buy your favorite canned wine in bulk. 


Concluding Thoughts 


It looks like we have given you enough ideas about how to spend a romantic evening with your partner. 


You would need some good food (try and prepare the meals with your partner), a blanket to cuddle up, a Netflix subscription, the man/woman you love, and a decent supply of canned wine. 


It sounds like the perfect date plan this weekend! 

Published by Simon Hopes

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