Flowers for the vase of your soul

Flowers for the vase of your soul

Jan 20, 2021, 10:58:28 AM Life and Styles

Flowers we buy or gifted by someone are not merely an addition to the decoration of the room to be kept in the flower vases but flowers also affect the vase we have within us. It not only affects the external but the internal aspects of life as well.

Flowers make a striking impression on human consciousness. It has a long-lasting effect on the human mind. What we remember the most? The visual sights which are very pleasant as well as the utter unpleasant ones. Flowers are that visually appealing sight which is impassioned enough to arouse the deepest emotions and feelings, and the best and special feelings our mind always remembers.

The internal vase of our soul reflects the personality outside. It depends upon us in what way we are filling it. The flower's magical aura helps to purify our soul to get rid of any negativity, pain, anxiety, anger a person feels, and helps to spread positivity, calmness, warmth and cheerfulness among them.

If we stay irritated, it greatly hampers our external environment; we become less productive and think irrationally. On the other hand, when we feel great from within, we do our best and make the people around us happy. Flower's tender touch and ethereal beauty helps to forget the negativity and fills the mind with happy thoughts.

Flowers represents the true essence of life

Flowers are a reflection of the life of Earth. From a tiny bud, over time and with nourishment blooms into a beautiful flower, spreads happiness and love around and eventually vanishes. Same is the life we have, we take birth, we grow up and fulfil our purpose on Earth and die one day.

This though is the surface meaning; flowers transcend this and also represents the underlying much deeper meaning of life. Flowers constantly reminds us of who we are, it forces us to acknowledge our true state of mind, our truest of emotions and also helps to reflect those to our loved ones.

Flowers signifies tolerance and strength

The delicate and sweet product of nature has the capacity to show us how to endure all the hardships of life and never give up. It shows tolerance to harsh climatic conditions, it continues to stand tall and grow from the dirt and muddy soil and then blooms into a beautiful flower.

Flowers teaches us a very important lesson that if we want to blossom in life, we should stand taller than the mediocrity of life. Just as the flowers bloom only by growing beyond the ground level, if we need to enlighten us with the truths of life, we need to rise from the surface level. For us the surface level can be in various forms, the societal barriers, any wretched situations of life where one feels like there's no way out of it; these flowers inspire us to keep possessing the strength and vigour and keep moving ahead in life. The concept isn't new to take a flower as a form of teaching but already mentioned the same ages ago in various scriptures of different religions.

Plants that spreads positive energy around

Home should be a place of peace. Encompass your surrounding with positive vibes with the plants that radiate positivity to make home a better place to live. That's why many people keep them in their rooms. They add to the decor as well.

Mentioning few plants that are very effective in bringing positivity in the house:

Lucky bamboo-

We all have seen lucky bamboo at some point of time anywhere. It brings love and prosperity in life. Gifting lucky bamboo to someone means you are wishing to bring luck to them. The number of stalks of lucky bamboo determines the type of blessings it brings. The plant doesn't need much maintenance but only needs to be kept submerged in fresh water.

Peace lily-

It is also proven in the studies of the scientists that peace lily is very effective in purifying the air. The flowering plant produces white flowers which look mesmerizing as well to have it part of the home. It helps to remove the harmful toxic gases from the air like carbon monoxide and benzene.


Apart from being the elegant and ethereal beauty, orchids are also among the top choices of flowering plants to keep indoors. They are very good at trapping the carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen. The aroma of orchids fills the air with pleasantness and brings positivity in the surrounding. Orchids also said to be good for couples to have in their room as it brings love and luck.

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Money plant-

Money plants are one of the most common as well as popular indoor plants. You probably have seen it in many houses but are you aware of all the benefits money plants have?

This commonly found plant is very good for cleaning air. It releases oxygen and reduces carbon monoxide, benzene, xylene and all such harmful gases from the air.

One of the most important and noteworthy benefits of the money plant is, it reduces the radiation level of the room where it is kept. The harmful rays of mobile and computer greatly affect our health and have now become one of the major causes of health issues among people. And when something as simple as a plant acts as a shield to protect from radiation, it should definitely be at everyone's home. It also brings good luck, prosperity, helps reduce stress and spreads positive vibes in the environment.

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