Grocery Store Display Ideas

Grocery Store Display Ideas

May 9, 2021, 8:34:42 PM Business

We spotted some of these displays from different stores around Asia, and we believe that they are excellent examples of effective grocery store displays.


1. Branded FSDU - FSDUs or Free standing displays are a type of standalone POS display units that are designed to stimulate visibility and impulse purchases. As they are positioned far from other products, they are a great way to draw attention to the product you are selling. They are especially useful for travel retail and promoting limited-edition products. This particular example was done by Royal Salute.


2. Hangsell Display - This is one of the most common displays you will find inside a grocery store. Designed to display small and light products, it is usually seen in the candies and snack sections. Personal care products such as razors, toothbrushes, and toothpastes are also being showcased in this grocery store display. It can be made from a variety of materials such as cardboard, plastic, metal wires, and sometimes acrylic.


3. Floor Display- If you are running out of grocery store display ideas, then you might want to invest in a floor display. Floor displays come in various styles, shapes, sizes, and materials. They are high-impact marketing displays that merchandisers use to showcase their products.


Here is an excellent example by Borjomi, a brand of naturally-carbonated water. The 4-tier shelf looks sleek and high-end. The top part of the shelf was utilized to promote their brand to people coming from the opposite direction.


4. End Cap Display - End cap displays are one of the best grocery store display ideas you want to incorporate in your store. Because it is attached at the end of the aisle, it gives a brand a higher chance of getting noticed by shoppers. Because they boost the visibility of a product, they are great for promotions or special offers. This photo of Chin-Su’s display was captured at a grocery store in Vietnam.


5. Counter Display - A counter display may be one of the most economical and versatile grocery store display ideas there is. As the name suggests, this type of point of sale display is situated at the checkout counters. They are usually made small yet sturdy to hold items without hampering movement at the counter. You can see them showcasing small items such as chewing gums, razors, toothpastes, candies, and chocolates. Cardboard and plastic are the material of choice by POS display manufacturers. However, they can also be made from wood and metal wires to hold heavier products such as bottles of mouthwash, and small bottles of liquid products.


6. Electronic Shelf Display - As the name suggests, an electronic shelf display is a digital display that shows a product’s price. Unlike the traditional price tag, this one is much more durable and easily programmable. They are connected to a central programming unit that allows merchandisers to monitor and update the price and keep track of the inventory. The display is also programmable so they are even more eye-catching than the traditional shelf price display.


7. Shelf Talker - The shelf talker is one of the best grocery store display ideas to be invented. This is an inexpensive way to stand out on the display as it allows merchandisers to “speak” to their customers at the point of sale and they are utilized to showcase a brand’s marketing message in a visually appealing manner. It is usually made from corrugated cardboard as it is inexpensive, versatile, and very easy to install and take down once the promotion is over. This type of POS display is attached to the shelf by a clip.


8. Shelf Wobbler - Have you seen a small shelf talker that’s attached to a shelf that seems to be waving at you from a great distance? That is a shelf wobbler. It is attached to the shelf via a plastic or metal strip. A very economical on-shelf advertising solution, this is ideal for promotions, showing directions, grand opening of a store, pharmacies, and drawing the attention of a customer to a particular product on-sale. The purpose of this type of grocery store display is to create impulse purchase.


Effective merchandising is the goal of every traditional brick-and-mortar store. Grocery store displays are designed to showcase products in a way that will arouse customers’ interest, advertise ongoing promotions, and of course, to keep the store looking neat and well-managed. Different grocery store display ideas, different ways of presenting your message. Done right, they can open the door to lasting customer-brand relationships.


After more grocery store display ideas? Check out ODM Group’s blog for more case studies of global brands and original ideas from our team. ODM is a product sourcing agency based in China and with headquarters in Vietnam and Hong Kong.

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