Guide to the Average Costs of a Solar Panel Installation in the UK

Guide to the Average Costs of a Solar Panel Installation in the UK

Nov 8, 2021, 11:31:50 AM Business

Solar panel systems have undoubtedly changed how numerous property owners get their energy, and the sun is a renewable resource that will always provide us with the energy we require. Solar panel installations are a much more common sight in many communities, even in the UK, which wasn't considered a 'sunny' location. You may already know by now that solar panel arrays can still be quite efficient, even if you are within the United Kingdom. But since it’s a substantial investment, it pays to know how much you can expect to spend when you have one installed. So what are the costs involved with a solar array? Here’s your complete guide to the average costs of a solar panel installation in the UK.



General info: what you should know


A standard system providing solar power would cost between £5000 and £10,000, but your total expenditure will depend on the number of panels you require for your property. The number of panels you need will, in turn, depend on how much energy you consume.


In general, if you go for a more expensive system, it will produce or generate more energy or electricity – and this will therefore provide you with more money saved in the end.


The details on cost


You can save a significant amount each year depending on the size of your solar panel system, and you can also potentially earn some money by registering for the SEG or Smart Export Guarantee programme, where you sell your surplus power back to the grid.


     •       For a 3kW system


If you choose to have a 3kW-sized solar array, it would cost £5000 to £6000. Note that it's only ideal for a small household with one to three members. Your annual electricity bill savings could be around £160, and your SEG income could be approximately £75, as explained by leading solar installers like


     •      For a 4kW system


The 4kW system size is arguably the most common size for domestic installations in the UK, and with this, you can expect to spend from £6000 to £8000 for the materials and installation. This system size can save you around £270 on your energy bills per year, and it can come with an income of around £100 from the SEG.


     •     For a 6kW system


If you opt for a 6kW system (which is perfect for larger households with 4 people or more), you can expect expenditures of about £8000 to £10,000, with yearly electric bill savings of approximately £430 and SEG income of £150.


Of course, you don’t have to limit your choices based on these figures; you can opt for a larger-sized system if you so choose. The size of your system is determined by your chosen number of solar panels as well as every panel’s wattage. With this, you can easily customise your solar panel installation size to adhere to all your requirements. For example, you can opt for a 3.5kW system size, and so on.


With the proper solar panel system, you can get freedom from the grid through your energy source. Your home or property's value will also rise, and you can reduce your carbon emission output and benefit the environment in a big way as well. 

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