Kitchen Storage Hacks

Kitchen Storage Hacks

Jan 20, 2021, 8:48:13 AM Life and Styles

Any homeowner will tell you clutter and storage are among this biggest challenges as time moves on. This is especially true the longer you live in one home, accumulated food gifts and gadgets can quickly fill your cupboards and make living comfortably hard.


That’s before you even think about storing food! If you’re a passionate home cook then finding a home for the various spices and canned goods can quickly become impossible. In this article we cover some of the best storage hacks for your kitchen, to make the most of the space available to you.


If you just can’t get enough space, even with our hack, you should consider a new kitchen. If you’re looking for a new kitchen in Stoke then Mode Kitchens is an ideal choice.

Make Cabinet Storage Vertical

Cabinets are among the best source of storage in your kitchen, which is why they quickly get filled. Use wire shelf inserts, which will allow you to store anything from glasses to cans of food on top of one another. IKEA offer on the best solutions for shelf risers


If you need a more elegant solution for your plate storage getting a tough plate rack to add to your cabinet can be perfect for freeing up storage. A simple wire rack can mean that all of a sudden your plates are easily contained to one corner.

Make Space On Your Countertop

The never ending series of kitchen gadgets can quickly fill your countertop, and often leave you with barely enough room for a chopping board! Remove everything you can to make the best use of space, and that doesn’t mean throwing things away, only storing them more effectively.


One way to do this is ditch your heavy knife block. While they are great for display there is no doubt something as small as knives take up for too much space in a storage block. Instead opt for a magnetic knife block which can be wall mounted.


If you want to take freeing up space to the extreme consider mounting your spice jars under your cabinets. The huge rotating spice racks look great but without ample counterspace they crowd the kitchen quickly! This guide from The Ktichn is a great place to get started.

Create Space On The Back Of Doors

The back of pantry and cabinet doors is an untapped resource for many. If you find yourself struggling to store a lot of smaller items, such as canned goods or spices, then this is an ideal solution.


If you want to opt for a slightly more temporary measure you can opt for overdoor storage shoe rack that is ideal for pantry doors in particular. 


For a more permanent solution consider drilling into the back of the door and adding a wire rack, this is perfect for cabinet doors. In newer build homes often the boiler has its own cabinet, so using that as storage is a great way to make use of dead space.

Make Essential Items Easier To Get To

If you’re an avid foodie the chances are you’ll spend at least a few nights a week creating a delicious meal. When it comes time to cook or bake, tracking down your ingredients isn’t just a pain, you will often find nowhere to store the items you need at a moment's notice.


Utilise a cart with wheels, like the RASKOG from IKEA, and load it up with the items you use the most. Carts like these can even be turned into dedicated baking trolleys with all the one-off items you only use when making sweet treats. 

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