Learn More About Obstetrics, Including Prenatal Care

Learn More About Obstetrics, Including Prenatal Care

Sep 4, 2021, 1:39:36 PM Life and Styles

Pregnancy is an emotional and physical journey that is quite different for every woman and newborn baby. That is why you are advised to seek medical care and start your prenatal visits early enough to ensure that you and your baby remain healthy during this period. Women's Care is provided by a team of specialists who empower every woman to make the best possible choices for her individual needs throughout pregnancy and childbirth. The team also comprises certified nurse-midwives who offer first-rate obstetric services like prenatal tests and checkups, postpartum care, labor and delivery, and medical interventions where necessary.

What is Obstetrics?

It is a medical specialty that focuses on the cycle of childbearing starting from pregnancy, labor, and delivery till postpartum care. Obstetric care ensures that every woman has a positive childbirth and pregnancy experience because it addresses the health of both the baby and the mother.

Who Provides Obstetric Care?

In most cases, obstetrician and gynecologist experts usually provide exceptional midwifery services, high-risk pregnancy care, and obstetric care to women of all stages of pregnancy and ages.

What Does Prenatal Care Include?

Typically, prenatal care involves monitoring the health of both you and your baby for any health condition or possible complications. It also includes addressing any health concerns that arise to ensure you received all the information you need to make healthy choices during pregnancy, delivery, postpartum period, and assisting and supporting you during labor. Some of the obstetric services offered include:

●           Ultrasounds and diagnostics.

●           Prenatal and postnatal checkups.

●           Labor induction and pain management.

●           Prenatal and postnatal checkups.

●          Prescribing medications.

●          Blood and urine tests.

●          Midwife and physician-assisted delivery.

●          Monitoring hospital stays.

●          C-sections.

●           And other medical procedures.

The health care team strives to inform women of all the care options available to make them feel empowered to make their own choices about their health care.

Why Would You Choose a Midwife for Pregnancy Care?

A certified midwife nurse is a highly-trained medical personnel who specializes in offering pregnancy and delivery care. Most people usually choose midwives because they have intensive training in obstetrics. Similarly, women who do not have any serious complications during pregnancy or have minimal interventions and would prefer to give birth naturally also choose midwives because they are experts in providing pregnancy care. In addition to general obstetric care and delivery of babies, a midwife can also provide other services like breastfeeding and newborn care education, emotional support during labor, assisting with creating a birth plan, and postpartum support.

The health care team also works together to provide individualized care that aims at meeting your personal needs. And if you are more comfortable with a doctor delivering your baby, they are also available even if your pregnancy is not considered high-risk.

In summary, if you are interested in learning more about obstetric care and prenatal services available, call or visit Suncoast Women's care today. The health care team is experienced in offering services like ultrasound and diagnostics, prescribing medications, postnatal checkups, blood and urine tests, and many others. Therefore you can decide to consult them via phone call or book an appointment online. 

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