Lockdown and Pets

Lockdown and Pets

Mar 5, 2021, 4:33:07 AM Life and Styles

It has been a year now we all are living a different life due to the pandemic effects around the globe. We were into strict lockdown with social distancing for months and are maintaining it while keeping yourself away from the loved ones. As it's been difficult for us all to be home and adapt to the new normal and the changes to lifestyle, it has been equally tough for our pets to get the changes converted into daily routine.

With a majority of us working from home for long hours and being in long meetings, the attention has distributed over various things at home from cooking, cleaning, children staying healthy etc. Adapting those changes with humans might have been easy as we are raised in such a way and we do have options to keep yourself engaged with various activities. But these changes have made a huge impact on our pets and their daily routine. 

Here are some of the tips to make sure your pets are kept healthy physically as well as mentally during these hard times.

1. Following the routine: With the changes in human routine, we have to make sure we do not let the routine of our pets get affected. As it is not easy for them to adapt to new changes so easily, we should ensure their eating and other habits are taken care of. Take a look at this example guide.

2. Basic Needs : With us being into work for long hours it is very often that we miss the breaks, but our pets would need regular attention for going to the toilet, drinking water etc. we won’t love them being dirty or making the floors dirty which would be unpleasant for us and them too. 

3. Exercise : With a lot of restrictions on going out etc, we should be coming up with some smarter ideas so that we think about their exercise and play time. Make a habit of playing with them so they feel happy and energetic. Maybe even get them a new toy to play with.

4. Health : We have a lot more time to be observant and notice issues when they arise now. It’s important to take action when necessary to make sure a small health issue doesn’t get worse, especially with limited access to services. Top up on common tools and medication from an online pet store.

5. Regular breaks : Our pets were used to seeing us or feel our presence when we were around on weekends or when we were home before and after the work hours. With us being around and not paying attention to them can make them feel we are being ignorant. Not able to access your office space at home could make them more stressed in a way. Taking regular breaks will help you stay fit, aware and calm also it will make your pet feel calm and happy with your presence.

With us all staying mentally fit and keeping healthy, we must provide the same to our pets so that they feel equally relaxed and cared for.

Published by Simon Hopes

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