Pros and cons of an eLearning development company in the workspace

Pros and cons of an eLearning development company in the workspace

Dec 16, 2021, 2:04:10 PM Business

Many thoughts have been shared on hiring an eLearning development company. Some are positive and some negative based on individual experiences of employers. If you have been thinking to hire a company for your training needs, it would be wise to know both the sides. It is doubtless to agree that eLearning helps in cost saving and training flexibility, but there is another side to it too.

Every business comes with its good and not so good side. As a business owner, you need to be prepared for both. Let us help you understand the merits and demerits of hiring an eLearning development company. We will mention both in detail to understand the eLearning concept better.

Advantages and disadvantages of inviting eLearning training in the workplace:


1.     ELearning offers you flexibility and convenience:

One of the best parts about eLearning is that you have the flexibility and convenience to train as many number of employees as you wish. Factors like time, location, and training materials are also considered. You can put the staff to training from anywhere and anytime. All that is needed is a computer or a mobile phone with internet connection by the staff.

2.     The module offers you budget-friendly training solutions:

ELearning platforms may not be cheap but, these can be fairly priced by customizing the modules as per business needs. You don’t have to buy the complete module; you may buy materials that you can use repeatedly for future trainings as well. Thus, the eLearning development company can offer you a budget-friendly training solution.

3.     The results from eLearning modules are apt:

Another advantage to look at while availing eLearning modules is that you get apt results and feedback reports. The results from eLearning training programs are not only useful but, also come handy during audits and employee appraisals. The data generated is not manual and provided by a third party company, thus there is no scope for biasness.


1.     ELearning lacks control and behavioural issues with staff:

As the trainings provide flexible training hours and privacy for employees, it lacks to understand the employee behaviour closely. Physical trainings have an advantage of the same. Physical or personal trainings ensure discipline and control amongst the team. Moreover, the staff learns to respect each other’s opinions.

2.     It is not a one-stop solution to all training needs:

Another demerit of eLearning module is that it can give you an isolated experience of training. As the training structure and style removes the spirit of team work there is always a doubt and risk of how much each employee has understood the concept. Moreover, for those who do not have a technical mind, eLearning could be a challenging experience regardless of how user-friendly is the eLearning platform for them.

3.     Lack of one-on-one feedback:         

As we discussed, eLearning training modules happen online and in groups. Thus, there is always something missing in terms of feedback. It is not possible to give the entire staff members’ feedback at once. Unless, the trainer has interacted with the employee personally, they wouldn’t know the progress and adaptability of every employee. You can say that the reports cannot be always relied on.

Now that you are aware of both the sides of elearning development company system, you should be more confident of your decision. Every business decision comes with a challenge, but there is no business without one. You must take up the opportunity and experience it before neglecting or dropping the idea. We suggest you connect with few reliable eLearning development companies and get your doubts cleared. 

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