Sameer Kshirsagar Expresses Great Pride in His Daughter Sonia's Love

Sameer Kshirsagar Expresses Great Pride in His Daughter Sonia's Love

Nov 26, 2021, 1:30:51 PM News

Sameer Kshirsagar enjoys spending time doing what he can to help others. He believes that those who have should help others. This kind of giving helps to lift humanity as a whole into a better state of being. His lessons in giving have been passed down to his daughter, Sonia, who is showing that it is possible to change the world no matter how young or old one is.


Sameer Kshirsagar Remains Inspired by His Daughter


Sonia Kshirsagar is currently a ninth-grader at Shady Side Academy Senior School, a private prep school that Sameer Kshirsagar chose due to its high reputation. Recently, his young daughter surpassed even his lofty expectations by creating the Breckenridge Youth-Run Service Committee (BYSC) to help service her community and provide volunteering opportunities for her peers. This committee was established while Sonia was still in middle school and has continued for over two years.


This youth-run organization, chaired by Sonia, set up a multi charity event throughout their neighborhood as their first big event in 2020. First, they set up a fun block party that included four different non-profits in the area. These included Every Child Inc, Living in Liberty, Urban Impact, and The Free Store in Wilkinsburg. The two-hour event helped raise more than $2,000 and various material donations to the local community.


When this event was announced, Sameer Kshirsagar felt a heavy surge of pride that Sonia gave back to her community out of her own accord. He has always believed in helping others and has volunteered his time in many different ways. His lessons paid off as Sonia has continued to expand her group to kids both within and external to the neighborhood and is likely to create more volunteering opportunities for herself and the rest of her peers.


Critically, he believes that this kind of action is teaching her important life lessons. For example, she had to plan the execution of this event, talk to each local non-profit group, present at the event, and help lead it. While adults were present to help with many of these steps (such as driving, since the kids involved were too young), she and others took over the management of almost all aspects and learned much about planning and execution in the process.


Most importantly, this kind of action can build on itself and become a chain reaction of positivity. For example, Sameer Kshirsagar has noticed that people at events such as these show a high level of happiness and engagement. That's because he believes the joy of giving back is contagious in a good way.


In this way, he hopes that Sonia's lesson spreads to others. Already, she has been getting praise from her friends, her school, and other small groups of kids in her neighborhood who have held charity drives of their own. In addition, an increase in attendance at these events creates a higher level of interest. So, while it may just be one action by one group, the potential consequences could grow and become transformative for a community and its many citizens.

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