Types & Signs of Neuropathy With Benefits of Massage In Alexandria, VA

Types & Signs of Neuropathy With Benefits of Massage In Alexandria, VA

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There are many aspects causing nerve damage or neuropathy, such as diabetes, cancer, or treatments like chemotherapy. Neuropathy or peripheral neuropathy is not a health condition. Instead, it is a term health care professionals use for describing a range of health problems causing damage to peripheral nerves. You can refer to it as the symptoms of those health issues.


While this is irreversible, you can prevent it with the help of Alexandria neurology. The Integrated Neurology Services in Alexandria, VA, offers a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for neuropathy and sleep disorders in their patients. The members of Integrated Neurology Services in Alexandria work to improve the health of their patients.


Different types of Neuropathy


There are three common types of neuropathy. These types are -


●                  Mononeuropathy - It involves damage to only one nerve.

●                  Polyneuropathy - It is a condition affecting multiple nerves.

●                  Distal symmetric Polyneuropathy - It is a common condition among people with diabetes.


The signs of neuropathy


The symptoms of neuropathy ultimately depend on the individual or underlying causes. The common symptoms include -


●                  Permanent or temporary numbness

●                  Prickling, tingling, or burning sensation

●                  Pain

●                  Increasing sensitivity to touch

●                  Wasting or muscle weakness

●                  Paralysis

●                  Dysfunction in glands or organs

●                  Impairment to sexual function and urination


Signs are not the only thing you need to focus on. You also need to know about the risk or causes of neuropathy.


What triggers neuropathy?


Many aspects are triggering nerve damage and affecting myelin sheath, nerve axons, or a combination of both. The common causes of neuropathy are health conditions such as -


●                  Poorly managed diabetes

●                  Cancer

●                  Idiopathic neuropathy

●                  HIV/ AIDs


The risk factor involved in neuropathy is Dietary. It includes -


●                  Deficiency of Vitamin B12

●                  Deficiency of Copper

●                  Excess nutrient consumption

●                  Exposure to toxins present in food


Benefits of hand and foot massage in neuropathy


Many experts believe hand and foot massage can help patients with neuropathy symptoms like tingling, numbness, or pain in their feet and hands. It is especially the case with cancer survivors. In many people, chemotherapy causes foot and hand neuropathy. It mostly happens when the ending nerves in the feet and hands don’t have much blood circulation to get enough oxygen nutrition.


Your hands and feet become more sensitive, painful, and numb in such conditions. Massage is the best way of getting proper blood circulation. The whole point of getting hand and foot massage is to increase the blood circulation in affected areas and in areas that may experience neuropathy in the future.

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