Unleash a More Radiant and Youthful You With Chemical Peels

Unleash a More Radiant and Youthful You With Chemical Peels

Aug 11, 2021, 7:04:32 AM Life and Styles

Did you know there is a more vibrant, younger skin just below the surface? Now you do. A professional chemical peel can help you reveal this beautiful part of your body and correct various flaws. If you seek top-notch chemical peel in Memphis, A Beautiful You Medical Spa is your go-to place. Contact the providers to receive efficient skin transformation and realize your aesthetic goals.

What is a Chemical Peel?

Have you ever exfoliated your skin? If so, you must be familiar conversant with the fundamental concept behind chemical peels. Our skin cells are subject to constant transformation. As older cells are damaged and die, the body creates new, healthy skin cells. These dead and damaged cells can pile up your skin’s surface, leaving it looking dry, dull, and aged.

Whereas an exfoliation removes some of the dead skin cells to enhance your appearance, a chemical peel goes much deeper. At A Beautiful You Medical Spa, your provider creates a reaction in your skin by applying a carefully monitored quantity of specialized chemical solution. This treatment prompts your skin's outermost layer to slough off and peel away in the subsequent days, introducing radiant, healthy skin underneath.

The dermatologists at A Beautiful You Medical Spa only apply the best available chemical peels. Their peels involve products from leading brands such as:

·   GlyMed Plus®.

·   Skinbetter science®.

·   Zo® Skin Health.

If you seek an efficient way of transforming your skin, feel free to ask your A Beautiful You Medical Spa practitioner what benefits a peel can offer you.

What Skin Conditions Are Treatable With a Chemical Peel Treatment?

Your provider customizes the chemical peel according to you and your skin goals. For instance, you can get a deeper peel for more visible results or a superficial chemical peel to enhance your skin with minimal recovery time.

Due to their versatility, chemical peels can treat several skin conditions. Your A Beautiful You Medical Spa provider might recommend them to address:

·   Fine lines.

·   Acne.

·   Dullness.

·   Melasma.

·   Hyperpigmentation.

·   Uneven skin tone and texture.

·   Large pores.

·   Sun damage.

·   Scars, including acne scarring.

In some instances, one peel is enough to solve your skin concern. Other patients choose a series of peels to realize more intense skin transformation. Your skin specialist at A Beautiful You Medical Spa personalizes a chemical peel treatment plan for you after consultation.

What Happens After a Chemical Peel?

Results vary depending on the depth of your peel. For a superficial peel, you might notice some mild flaking for a few days. If you settle for a deeper peel, you may experience peeling and redness for almost a week. You will need to protect your skin from the sun as it peels to preserve your results.

Other Available Services

A Beautiful You Medical Spa experts also deliver other quality treatments alongside chemical peels. You can also get such therapies as:

·   Skin rejuvenation.

·   Laser hair removal.

·   Microneedling.

·   Body contouring.

·   MiraDry Permanent Sweat Reduction.

·   Injectables.

·   Skin tightening.

Bottom Line

Are you considering a chemical peel for your aesthetic goals? You are in the right hands at A Beautiful You Medical Spa. Contact the experts to learn the benefits of this innovative treatment and more. Schedule an online appointment, call, or text the office today.

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