What You Should Know About Pregnancy Care

What You Should Know About Pregnancy Care

Jan 7, 2022, 1:37:32 PM Life and Styles

Selecting what practice will support you throughout your pregnancy and partake in the joy of your child’s birth is one of the most crucial decisions you will make. Raveco Medical provides empathetic, individualized care from the point you discover you are pregnant to labor and delivery and beyond. With convenient office locations in Jackson Heights, Forest Hills, and Woodside, NY, Raveco Medical effectively cares for pregnant women across New York and the surrounding communities. Schedule an initial consultation with a Jackson Heights pregnancy specialist today through mobile or request online to learn more about pregnancy care.

What Does Pregnancy Care Entail?

The first step in your pregnancy care is confirming your pregnancy at eight weeks. The staff then devises a nine-month prenatal care strategy. This prenatal care includes education, screenings, and medical assistance you require as you inch closer to bearing your child. 

Each pregnancy is distinct. You will benefit from skilled, supportive care at Raveco Medical, irrespective of whether it is your first or third baby.

What Happens During Your First Pregnancy Visit?

At your initial prenatal visit, your doctor will sit down with you to review your individual and family health history. They will measure blood pressure, weight, and other crucial signs. In addition, urine and blood tests are performed to learn more about your present health and if you might be deemed high risk.

What Happens At Subsequent Prenatal Visits?

Every woman's prenatal appointment routine is unique. Nonetheless, you may anticipate visiting Raveco Medical every month till week 28, twice every month from week 28 to 36, and once a week from week 36 to 40.

At all of these appointments, your specialist evaluates your baby's growth and assesses your health. Your abdominal circumference and weight are measured. Moreover, your doctor uses in-office fetal ultrasound imaging to monitor your baby's progress.

Some prenatal appointments entail standard screenings, such as genetic blood tests and an assessment of you for gestational diabetes. Prenatal appointments are also an opportunity for your doctor to respond to any questions you may have, such as those about medications, exercise, nutrition, and other activities.

What If You Have A High-Risk Pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy is one wherein the likelihood of difficulties is higher. Your pregnancy might well be classified high risk if you:

·        Are 35 years or older

·        Have an underlying ailment, such as lupus or diabetes

·        Are expecting several babies, or your kid has a potential issue.

In cases of high-risk pregnancies, the staff at Raveco Medical will be there for you throughout your journey. You and your kid might require more frequent prenatal checkups and additional testing. The majority of women who have a high-risk pregnancy have a normal pregnancy and a joyful, healthy baby.

The smartest way to improve your pregnancy and maximize your likelihood of successful delivery is to follow your obstetrician's guidelines. By selecting Rejuv Gynecology and Obstetrics, you are guaranteed that you and your kid are in capable hands and that you will obtain the best quality of care.

Have you just recently discovered that you are expecting? Contact Raveco Medical through mobile or book an appointment online for top-level pregnancy care. 

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