Why Cutting Boards Are Great Gifts For All Occasions

Why Cutting Boards Are Great Gifts For All Occasions

Oct 15, 2020, 7:57:10 PM Life and Styles

Cutting boards are a kitchen essential. They serve as a protective surface for things you need to cut or slice -- from fruits to dairies to meats. The fundamentality of their function makes them a great gift for almost any occasion. And if you want to make your present more memorable, there are now different personalized cutting boards you can order.

Here are the most awesome reasons why you should include them on your gift-idea list.

Variety. There are different cutting boards available in the market today -- they vary in size, style, design, and material. And because of this, there’s always something for everyone, whether the recipient is a veteran chef or an amateur homecook, or someone who’s fond of wood or sleek plastics.

Functionality. Cutting boards don’t just make it easy for people to cut and slice things -- they can also protect knives as well as kitchen countertops. Moreover, they can also have other functions, like a holder for bread and cheese. And if they have a more-than-average look, they can be used as a kitchen display, too.

Personalization. Personalized cutting boards are a highly versatile gift. You can’t only customize them with the recipient’s name or initials, you can also engrave personal messages fit for the occasion -- may it be a birthday or a wedding anniversary. There are also cutting boards that can be personalized with a family recipe.

Affordability. The good news about cutting boards is that they generally don’t cost too much. So if you’re looking for a practical gift that has a high level of reusability, then going for cutting boards will be a great idea.

Symbolism. Practicality aside, cutting boards are considered awesome gifts because of what they symbolize. They are one of the most recognized emblems of home life. They signify love and warmth -- after all, they’re instrumental in preparing meals you get to share with people close to your heart.

Cutting Board Materials You Can Choose From

As mentioned, personalized cutting boards are available in different sizes and styles. But one of the most important factors you should consider is the type of material.

Wood. Wood cutting boards are durable and capable of providing strong support to the ingredients you cut or slice. They won’t also make your knife dull. However, you have to take note that these cutting boards require hand-washing. When personalized, these boards also give off a more sentimental appeal.

Bamboo. Bamboos, technically, are grass. While they can give off the wood-look vibe, they have a low environmental impact. Bamboo cutting boards are also favored because of their resistance to moisture.

Plastic. A more lightweight option compared to wood, plastic cutting boards are also popular because they are dishwasher-friendly. They are the go-to cutting boards of restaurants because chefs can avoid cross-contamination by using different colors for different ingredients (especially meat).

Epicurean. These cutting boards have that cozy wood finish -- plus, they’re safe to be washed via dishwashers. And apart from their sustainability, they also won’t have an adverse effect on your knives.

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