Why Mighty Oaks Should Be on Your Planting List

Why Mighty Oaks Should Be on Your Planting List

Nov 4, 2020, 10:54:36 AM Life and Styles


Oak trees are some of the well-known trees in America and are often found across the countryside and even in suburban landscapes. They also provide a lot of good reasons for you to plant them on your property. You can search for “tree service near me” and hire pros to assist you in planting oak trees in your yard. Let’s check out why mighty oaks should be on your planting list.


The Details


1. They attract wildlife - Most suburban homes have a large lawn with a couple of trees or shrubs at most. However, this has created a big problem. Those large green patches are mostly of the same species and don’t help the local wildlife in any way. Deer, squirrels, hedgehogs, and other tiny critters aren’t looking forward to feeding on the chemical fertilizer and pesticide-laden lawn. As those lawns take over the suburban landscape, the local wildlife loses food sources, and it creates a biodiversity desert.


When you plant oak trees, you can help to alleviate this problem to a great extent. Oak trees provide the local wildlife with food, shelter, and protection. They also provide humans with shade and help make their property look good. So, if climate change and dwindling concerns you, planting oak trees in your yard can help mitigate that problem.


2. Food for animals and humans - Oak trees aren’t just giant structures of wood and foliage. They provide a lot of nourishment. Local wildlife like squirrels and deer prefer munching on acorns instead of leaves due to their high nutritional value. Unlike other trees that require a lot of maintenance and care for a bountiful harvest, oak trees produce a massive number of acorns without human intervention.


A single oak tree can produce as much as 140 pounds or thousands of acorns at a time. However, in certain mature oak species like the white oak, this number can shoot up to thousands of pounds. Animals aren’t the only ones who can consume acorns. Acorns can also be an alternative and healthy food source for you.


Acorns can be eaten whole, roasted with some salt and pepper, or even ground into flour. Acorns used to be a staple food for Native Americans, and you can use its ground-up flour to make all kinds of delicious recipes. From acorn cakes to bread, stew, and porridge. You can even ferment acorns to create a sort of vegan cheese. You can also mush and press acorns to extract their oil. 


3. Shelter and shade - Oak trees become home to all kinds of animals. Small mammals like possums, squirrels, and raccoons like to take shelter in the holes of mature oak trees. In the wild foxes are also known to make dens in old and mature oak trees. Apart from that, the branches are also used by birds to make nests. The exposed roots of an oak tree can also shelter reptiles like frogs if the tree is near a body of water.


Your yard would be full of life and sounds of nature when you plant an oak tree. However, animals aren’t the only ones who get this benefit. When you plant an oak tree in your yard and it grows to form a giant canopy, it provides other plants in your yard from strong winds and rain.


The shade provided by an oak tree keeps both your yard and your home cool. So, your air conditioning system can take a break and uses less power to cool your home. When your home becomes more energy efficient, you save money and there are fewer emissions in the air. 


4. Improved air quality - Even suburban settings aren’t safe from pollution anymore. Air quality is always a big concern unless you live far away from civilization. Everyone knows plants play a huge role in reducing emissions around you by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air during photosynthesis.


Oak trees are like giant natural air filters that work very hard at improving the air quality around you. All that thick foliage on oak trees absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide throughout the day. Apart from that, they also trap a lot of airborne pollutants while releasing a ton of oxygen in the air. A single oak tree can absorb as much as 10 pounds of air pollution each year and that number adds up since oaks live for centuries.


With an average lifespan of 400 years, each oak tree can remove as much as 4000 pounds of air pollutants in its lifetime. If you have a bigger yard and can afford to plant two or more oak trees, you’ll breathe the freshest air in the neighborhood while filtering out massive amounts of pollutants and carbon emissions from the air. 


5. Oak trees increase property value - As mentioned above, oak trees have an average lifespan of 400 years. However, certain species can live up to 1000 years or more unless forces of nature or man kill them off. That’s the best thing you can have as a homeowner. Homes are investments and people try to move into better homes later in their life. To do that, you’ll need to sell your property at the best price possible and oak trees can help with that.


Oak trees have a reputation for being hardy, beneficial, beautiful, and low maintenance. That’s why potential home buyers prefer to have them in their yard. If they get a mature oak tree with their new home, they can cut down on those initial years of care and maintenance and reap all the benefits. The tree won’t get damaged or die on you easily either. That’s why new buyers will often offer you a higher price for your property if it has a mature oak on it. 



Oak trees provide shelter, food, and protection to the nearby wildlife and also help to improve the air quality. They won’t die off quickly either and can also increase the value of your property. You can search for “tree service near me” and hire pros to have an oak tree planted on your property.

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