And the Award Goes To: Celebrity Makeup Trends

"Inner beauty is great...

...But a little mascara never hurts."

For some people (me) theres nothing more empowering than a well-beat face. It doesn't matter if we're going out to the bars on a Friday or going to a Fashion Week Event, you plan how you'll look hours, days and weeks in advance. Should we care such an insane amount about aesthetics?  Maybe not, but nothing beats the high you get from a perfect set of brows. The Red Carpet is my way of living vicariously through celebrities and they're extravagant attire. I look to them for trends and inspiration. 

As the 2017 Red Carpet season rolls out, we are seeing various trends hit the front pages of the tabloids. We are seeing lots of classic looks; like a bold red lip, they never go out of style. But, we are also seeing those random, short-lived crazes we are totally jumping on the bandwagon for! Let's dish!



We are seeing a good deal of both ends of the spectrum of eye makeup. Bold eye makeup has had celebrities like Olivia Culpo, Ruth Negga and Janelle Monaé batting their beautiful lashes on best dressed lists. Equally, the understated eye has been donned by stars like Lily Collins and Brie Larson. 

Olivia Culpo is serving bold, sexy, Frida Kahlo, realness. She matched a smokey eye with a particularly full, angular brow. I stand by this look 100%. Culpo had such a cohesive and seductive look - she may have been my favorite Golden Globe styling!

Ruth Negga was giving us glamazon with glitter and smokey eyes. She wore fluffy lashes and some good smudged black liner to finish the look. Her brows are honestly stunning. They're quite natural, so as not to overwhelm her eye area. Negga won me over with her look at the Golden Globes this year. 

Lily Collins resurrected her Snow White history with this eye look. Collins wore nude shadows and what looks to be some subtle lash extensions and a good mascara. I definitely appreciate this look. However, it feels expected from her. This seems to be Collins go-to look, leaving me bored and wanting more. 



Big, bold and beautiful lips are gracing the red carpet this season, as well. We are seeing numerous celebs strutting around with deep reds, plums and browns. I enjoy anything outrageous and bold, when it comes to makeup!

Ruby Rose was making me feel some type of way with her sneak peak of Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in shade Blackmail! I was absolutely gaga for this look. Ruby Rose is already one of the sexiest individuals on the face of the earth, add a dark lip and I'm done for!

Yara Shahidi looked quite Parisian at the People's Choice Awards. She gave us a relatively nude eye, allowing us to focus on that gorgeous lip color. This look is classic. The true red, matte lip shows a high taste level on her part. Shahidi and her team, really know how to put together a tasteful look. 


Highlight Bling

Makeup artists and gurus alike have been obsessing over highlight. For just over a year, this craze has quickly swept over everyone who wears makeup and left them shimmering in the light. There is a very deep and personal love that is harbored inside each of us for a good, creamy highlight. Celebs can't even hide from the frosty trend!

Janelle Monaé was glowing in front of the paparazzi at the Golden Globes. She looks as though she was touched by an angel! The highlight carried through all of the high points on Monaé's face really brought her entire look together. 

Naomi Campbell treated the red carpet like her runway at the Golden Globes. She led with her best feature, her insanely gorgeous cheekbones. Campbell looked like a gorgeous ebony, Grecian statue. Great care was taken in making sure that the star's flawless skin had shown brightly. Naomi Campbell was definitely fighting for a top look at the Golden Globes.


That's all there is for this week! But feel free to comment below with your opinions on the makeup trends of 2017. Are there any you have seen that should be brought into the light and examined? Let me know!

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