Beauty Before Boys - Let Crown Brush Be Your Valentine!

Beauty Before Boys - Let Crown Brush Be Your Valentine!

Feb 13, 2018, 4:59:59 PM Life and Styles

I like long, romantic walks to the makeup aisle...

Feeling cynical? You're not alone. Millions of people, just like you, are out there hating February 14th! The over-the-top holiday stems from a Western Christian feast day honoring two early saints, Valentinus and a Roman Priest's brutal murder. Both of which, sound tremendously more endurable than the current day alternative. Instead, the day has morphed into the ostentatious, frilly, pink mess that it is today. Many people loathe February 14th so much they celebrate "Anti-Valentine's Day" on the 13th, 15th, or both! Some may be judging those who possess this distain - maybe even calling them "bitter" and "over dramatic." Guess what? They're probably right, but NOBODY CARES!

Plenty of people choose to celebrate the holiday with love for themselves, their pets, or maybe a pizza. Others channel their abhorrence for Valentine's Day into something more creative. Noticeably on the rise this year is Valentine-themed makeup. Whether it be dark, pretty in pink, or glittery, the internet has been flooded with February 14th faces! Who needs a boy, when you can get on your favorite makeup brand's website and find true love. But what brand's website should be your new tinder? Crown Brush, of course! 

Check out these Valentine Themed Looks! 

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California Makeup Artist, and founder of ELEGANT Magazine and VBRAVE Cosmetics, Francisco Valencia, is feeling that pink fantasy.

Ratti Chauhan Tanwar, is giving us natural glow using Crown Brushes!

Brows before boys! Brooke Simon shows off a sharp brow and metallic lid using Crown Brushes. 

Jeanette Cronin is loving life and her beat. Check out that cut crease!

Kait is lovin' on the new Glam Metals Palette!

Ambassador Laura Roberts is having a moment with the ones she adores most.

Eva K.B knows the best kind of roses to get are in the Rose Gold Palette! And They won't die!

THANKFULLY, Crown Brush's Lipsticks start off at jus $6.99!!!

The best gifts are the ones you buy for yourself. Chocolate and flowers are nice, but there's nothing sweeter than finding a Crown Brush package on the front porch. Give yourself the gift of unconditional love and kickass makeup! Beauty over boys, any day!

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