Casa De Qweens: One Year Later

Casa De Qweens: One Year Later

"I don't need to pay a therapist to give me crap. I have a roommate that does it for free."

The last year of my life has been quite a trip. One "turn around the sun" ago, I moved into Casa De Qweens with two of the coolest people I have ever come to know. Living with Candice and Leslie has had its ups and downs, but I wouldn't change it for the world. 

In the beginning, I don't think I truly knew what I was getting myself into. Candice and Leslie are two of the most social people you will ever come in contact with. They have dozens of friends, most of which have names that I can't seem to make my mind hold onto. From the second I moved in, my life changed. All of a sudden I was meeting new people every time I turned my head. 

One thing that I really wasn't expecting was to achieve such a deep connection with roommates. You always hear people's horror stories, but my situation, while not perfect, is exhilarating and rewarding. Leslie and Candice, much like myself, are air signs. Typically air signs do extremely well together and have very open communication. We are not exempt from that idea. The three of us have very open lines of dialogue. And sometimes (lots of times) they're there to tell me when I look terrible in something. But I don't need to pay a therapist to give me crap. I have a roommate that does it for free."

We do loud.

We do fun.

We do awesome.

You wouldn't think so, but there are some extraordinary, unwritten expectations in Casa De Qweens. As a group we have devised our own unspoken code of conduct and attire. Each of us finds it important to carry ourselves with a little bit of class, but to be rough around the edges and know how to sling a tequila shot back and have a good time. And weekends are the best time for that. Let me tell you, we go HARD. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And if it's a holiday weekend? You better buckle your seatbelts. Typically, we go out to gay clubs and bars. However, depending on the weekend we may have a charity event, dinner, party or show to go to. That's part of what I love most about our group: we consistently on-the-go.  But, no matter where we are, this group likes to be camera-ready! Regardless of what they wear, Candice and Leslie always seem to saunter into a room looking like they came straight out of the style guide in a magazine. I'm fashionable AF, but I definitely had to up my game living with these two. Life's a party, but we all know that Candice, Leslie and I are some of the most intense, dedicated, psychos with our careers and futures. 

There's four questions you need to ask your potential roommate:

*Are you a serial killer?

*Do you drink?

*Do you do drugs?

*Do you share?

A year ago, I would never have pictured the three of us where we are right now. I had a pretty dismal and stressed outlook when I came to live with at Casa De Qweens. But, life here is a constant sleepover. There's a party when you need it, but you can sleep in really late and no one will mind. 

I am convinced I hit the roommate jackpot. These two talented, intelligent and fierce individuals are a myth to most twenty-somethings. But here I am - and I am able to call them some of my best friends. 

Here's to another fun filled year at Casa De Qweens! 

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