" I have anxiety..."

 As everyone in Casa De Qweens awoke, we crawled to the coffee pot and drank the nectar of the gods. I'll be honest - we were slightly hungover... As Candice and Leslie put the beautiful turkey in the oven, I went to get the fourth member of the "Bitches," so that we could commence our Friendsgiving preparations.

I picked up Heidi and we headed to Gayway for some last minute groceries. As we walked into the store, The security officer looked at Heidi holding her dog and asked:

"That's a service dog, right?" 

To which Heidi replied "I have anxiety..." Heidi had been holding Mr. Big, her tiny homosexual chihuahua. We strolled past the security guard into the packed store. Of course, I went in sweats and sandals with socks thinking "who's gonna be at the store on Thanksgiving...?" To answer my own question: a CRAP LOAD of hot guys and their boyfriends. They were adorably holding hands and searching for the final fixings for their holiday dinner. So, Heidi and I quickly gathered all of the items on our lists and rushed home. 

Mimosa (n.) - The socially acceptable way to get hammered at breakfast.


I had planned to make brunch for everyone, being as I wasn't making anything for the actual dinner. However, I got swamped at the salon that week and could only remember to tell Leslie to pick me up two things: mimosas and pastries. You honestly can't go wrong with mimosas. Almost everyone loves them - they're a staple in the gay world. The hair of the dog was absolutely necessary that morning, as well, so it worked out in my favor. Brittany arrived, so I was able to reveal my gift to everyone: personalized mimosa glasses from The Party Palette, and five bottles of champagne. The mimosas starter flowing and the laughter ensued. 

"I'm thankful for..." 

As dinner came closer, our last two guests arrived. The first, Kevin, with some of our favorite party favors in his arms - WINE. He set it on the counter and grabbed his mimosa glass to start in on the festivities. Then, Kyle, like a knight in shining armor comes through the door with a dozen roses and donuts. He knows the way to our hearts... 

We all sat around the table to take a "Family Photo" to share with the families we couldn't be with that day. In the center of our table was a beautiful cornucopia filled with flowers sent from Marcie and Ken. It was weird not being with them for the holiday, but the gesture reminded us that we were on their minds. 

After the photo, we went around the table to explain why we were all so thankful, on Thanksgiving and every other day. Each person gave their response, most adding in something funny about alcohol or cute boys. But every person at the table started with "my friends." It was so true. Even though none of us were with our biological families that day, we were able to create our own. That may have been one of the best holidays I have ever had. Good food, good friends, and good wine.  

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