I Got #Smart For Fashion Arizona

I Got #Smart For Fashion Arizona

Jan 19, 2018, 6:10:20 PM Life and Styles

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

-Rachel Zoe

We, in Arizona, have often been forgotten in the Fashion Industry. Partially, because Phoenix's Metropolitan areas have been overshadowed by larger cities like New York and LA, but additionally, there's been a lack of recognition for the region's designers and influencers. However, in recent years, there's been a growing buzz thanks to groups like Phoenix Fashion Week, and now, Fashion Arizona. The fashion-forward organization consists of four major collaborators: The #SmartBlondes, Ashley Paige Collective, Luxe & City Scottsdale and Phoenix Fashion Week. The creatives of Fashion Arizona pride themselves in bringing exclusive, trendy networking events to the public! Each month they feature new stylists, looks and more in the area's chicest locations. 


This month's event took place at one of downtown's favorite galleries and event spaces, The MonOrchid. The theme for the evening? Resolutions! Perfect for the group's first gathering of 2018! Stylists #SmartBlondes and Ashley Paige Collective assembled models that were displayed as "living art installations."

...a tremendous experience! These ladies are the life of the party! Their vibrant personalities combined with their powerful styling abilities make them the ultimate [styling] duo!

Sara V., @Sarainthescene

Models: Tori Alondra and Edwin Lunes

Model Craig Mattox 

The #SmartBlondes created elegant looks for their female models with designs from Love Culture while their men were clad in Men's Warehouse! Their style theme for the evening was of The Wolf. January is the month of the wolf, and symbolizes entering the year with a hunger and desire to accomplish resolutions and aspirations. One model, Edwin Lunes, appreciated the theme, stating it was "an inspiring theme to reach out for goals with intention and visualization to achieve anything we put our hearts and minds to!" Ashley Lee, of Royaleestyled, transformed model's faces with a wolf-influenced makeup design coupled with braids and wild curls by Simon Stylez Hair and Makeup! #SmartBlondes model-preparation took place at Public Image, a modern, industrial salon, located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix's Roosevelt Row. The group was welcomed by owner, Darryl Brandt, who with his wife and co-owner, Kim, designed the space to house a variety of occasions! 


Royaleestyled and Simon Stylez Hair & Makeup Prep Model Sydney Tolle

#SmartBlondes Coordinating Model Entrances.

Ashley Paige Collective put forth stunning models. Phoenix Fashion Week's 2017 Spring Into Style - Stylist of the Year assimilated 2018 with health, lifestyle and street-wear. Ashley Paige's goal was to marry classic athletic style clothing with chic, trendy pieces from local boutiques, Manor Phoenix and Highpoint Shoes. The handbags featured were hand painted by WIJ Designs. Models for the evening sported an avant-garde makeup design by Megan Lee Emerson and Gabi Villalta. Valerie Loo, Andra Tirdea and Steph Rossa were Ashley Paige Collective's canvases for the event. They did not go unnoticed by the attendees. "It goes to show events like this are wanted and needed in the Arizona Fashion Community...we appreciate you all. THANK YOU!" says Ashley Paige. She and her team hope to continue to push Arizona Fashion Forward.   

Megan Lee Emerson Applies Makeup to Model Steph Rosaa

Ashley Paige Collective Poses with Her Models

Our Team is really breaking the record with these events!

Alex, @alex_luxeandcity

Luxe and City Scottsdale is an integral ally in the production of these gatherings. Dozens of their glamourous clientele attended, donned in their au courant gowns and suits. Luxe & City is a private, member's only club for individuals within the creative arts and cultural industries. They provide styling packages, event invites and more to their loyal patrons. Fashion Arizona's affair was no exception. "I'm so proud...I've heard nothing but great feedback from our invited guests," said Gabi, a Luxe & City Team Member. She continued, "I'm happy to have seen many of them networking and making new relationships, which is exactly what these Fashion Arizona events are about." 

Phoenix Fashion Week works to launch global emerging designers and top models, and aid them in reaching their full potential. The organization utilized the Fashion Arizona event to showcase their Emerging Designers, winners and participants, from 2017's Fall Fashion Week. One such designer, Loren Aragon of "ACONAV" values the opportunity to be an inspiration. He "appreciates the growing diversity" amongst new designers. Phoenix Fashion Week consistently educates and motivates designers' brand development! The Phoenix Fashion Week team is gearing up for their 2018 Spring Into Style, a competition to find the next "Stylist of the Year!"

#SmartBlondes Pose With Assistant and Hairstylist Simon Stylez Hair and Makeup

To be a part of an experience like this was exhilarating and eye-opening. There is truly so much diversity to be found in the Arizona Fashion Community. And working amongst the wide variety of creatives was electrifying. In the role of hairstylist for the #SmartBlondes, the model preparation was completely stress free. However, the assistant role made it very clear how much work goes into events like these. Working with the #SmartBlondes has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Opportunities like this don't come around everyday! Here's to the next Fashion Arizona Event in February! 

Together, we push Arizona Fashion forward.

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