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You never get used to working Saturdays...

One of the sweet joys of being a hair and makeup artist is the ability to create/control your own schedule. Except Saturdays. You must work Saturdays. It was a day predetermined by the Hair Gods to be the busiest day in the salon. This is the day that all of your regulars come in with a Starbucks for you - cause they know HMUA's aren't morning people. Its the day when all of the "LOL's" (Little Old Ladies) come in for their shampoo sets and ask you for help with their cell phone. And it's the day that you run notoriously behind because someone always comes early/late.

Saturdays tend to be difficult days for me. I'm sure you'll be extremely shocked to know that I go out with my friends on Friday nights. Some Fridays, I'm a good boy and I'm home at 12, others I'm an idiot and roll in at 4. This Friday, though, I was home and tucked in by 2-ish. Not the worst thing in the world! I woke up at 8, before my alarm, and made the strongest pot of French Press coffee you've ever tasted. Caffeinated tar, anyone? A quick shower, and then it was off to work! The boyfriend decided to join me, as he had some errands to run close by - and apparently he hasn't gotten sick of me yet? 

Work seemed to fly by. That's what I like about doing hair: my clients are my friends, and time flies when you're having fun! This particular Saturday was just that. One client after another, I gave them lovely locks. It was a special treat to see my gal pal Lilly. She brought her Aunt, we revived her hair. Then Fernando joined us. And finally, my last and favorite client of the day - Carrie. She was my first new friend in Phoenix. It's been a year since I saw her last, which is unacceptable. We have since set tentative plans for drinks!

With that, my workday was over and we were free to leave and eat lunch! I had a hankering for Italian, as usual. 

"I don't cook. However, if I did cook, I'd cook all Italian food. All the time. 

- Ne-Yo

For this Saturday's late lunch excursion, I decided we needed Gio's. Back when I was working up in Anthem a lot with Musical Theatre of Anthem, I used to work right through dinner - again, shocker, I know. My dear friend, and the Producing Artistic Director of the theatre, Jackie, recommended that I start getting Gio's. She truly created a monster that day. 

Gio's is a fairly new, authentic New York Style Pizzeria tucked away in a small business park in Anthem, Arizona. They have everything from slices, garlic knots and spaghetti pockets, to cannolis, gelato and chocolate mousse. It's a far drive from Downtown, but, basically, if you haven't been there, it's Heaven, and you're missing out. What I'm really saying is FREAKING GO!

Of course, the boyf ordered next to nothing, while I ordered the better part of the menu. You really have no idea the kind of relationship I have with Italian food - "it's deep, and it's real..." I devoured most of my food, but packed up some leftovers so that I could enjoy Gio's again the next day. We got in the car and headed down to  the newly opened Rott'n Grapes to see my friend Sam as he worked. (See other blog post "Rott'n Grapes)

We decided to end our Saturday a little differently than usual. It's basically ritual for our group to go to BS West on Saturday nights for 2-4-1 cocktails. However, I just wasn't feeling it. Instead, the boyf and I decided to bring Saturday to a close with a little laughter. We went to hopped in an Uber and went to the Arizona Center for the 8:40 showing of Boo: A Madea Halloween. If you know me, then you know how much I love to watch Madea give a good whoopin'. 

All in all, it was basically the best Saturday I've had in a long time. I spent it with good food, lots of laughs and in the best company!

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Gio's Pizza

A Family-Owned, authentic Italian/Sicilian New York 
style Pizzeria in Anthem, Arizona. 
Dine-in or Carry-out

(623) 500-2350

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