The Golden Globes 2017 - Let's Talk About It

The Golden Globes 2017 - Let's Talk About It

"The Golden Globes are to the Oscar's what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton"

- Ricky Gervais

It's that time of year again. That's right! The Golden Globes happened last night, Sunday January, 8th 2017. This is the first major award show of the New Year, and my eyes were GLUED to the screen. From the very beginning, Jimmy Fallon had my attention with his La La Land referenced Cold Opening. Though, if I'm completely honest, he lost my attention mid-skit whilst playing the piano. I don't think the opening lived up to the high energy shenanigans in past years... There, I said it. I didn't enjoy Jimmy Fallon. Bring on the rioters with fire and pitch forks. 

The evening was quite interesting, to say the least. The high jinks started just after the opening as the show experienced its first technical difficulty: Fallon's teleprompter went out. He attempted to save himself later in the show with a joke about Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve debacle. Honestly, can we let that die already? I felt saved however, when Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer sauntered out onto the stage. While attempting to present their award, Hawn chuckled as she couldn't read the prompter. I can't explain to you my undying love for that woman. Who's with me? She can literally do no wrong in my eyes. 

The show continued to be the dramatic event I hoped for. As Ryan Gosling accepted his award for his role in La La Land, camera's cut to Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield. The two were kissing in the audience as those around them erupted with laughter. I personally enjoyed the display, what can I say? They're cute. I know I'm not the only one who was clapping - you were all thinking it too!

My jaw dropped to the floor, though, when Brad Pitt made a surprise entrance to present an award. This is the actor's first official event appearance since he and Angelina Jolie's nasty split. I don't pretend to have the slightest idea as to what actually happened between them. But, I do sympathize with Pitt as he and Jolie fight for custody of their children. 

I'm sure you can all guess what my favorite part of the evening was! Yep! When Meryl Streep kicked President-elect Donald Trump right in the Golden Globes. Streep was being acknowledged for her notable lifetime of work. She dragged him in the dirt as she brought back to life his disgusting mimicry of a disabled reporter. Streep called for a protection of  the nonprofit Committee to Protect Journalists "because we are going to need them going forward and they're going to need us to safeguard the truth." So basically, she slayed him. This is not the first time the actress and badass has called out the President-Elect before an audience. Earlier last year, Streep dressed as the future tyrannical leader of the free world. She donned a fat suit and orange foundation. On top of her head was a white and gold, wispy wig. I, for one, couldn't be laughing louder at the displays. Except, my laughter is silenced by the fact that Trump has since taken to twitter in his almost ritual Twitter rant. How presidential. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Golden Globes this year. It was the star-studded evening I was hoping for, packed full of painfully uncomfortable and hilarious moments. I will definitely be watching recaps and giggling for at LEAST a week. 

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