The Identity Of She

"Each time a woman stands up for herself...

...She stands up for all women."

- Maya Angelou

 Some may know, many don't, but everyone should that March is Women's History Month. As a refresher, here's some knowledge: 


Women's History Month is an annual celebration of the accomplishments and contributions the female gender has achieved. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter decreed that the week of March 8th be named National Women's History Week. However, many groups believed the gender deserved more recognition for their role in this country and in the world. By 1986, fourteen states had declared the entire month of March to celebrate the women of the world. Finally, after multiple petitions by the National Women's History Project, Congressed passed the bill. Every year since, each President of the United States has made a Presidential Proclamation for Women's History Month. 


To this day, women are fighting to be heard. Women in this country and all over the world are given false hope and accolades from those who oppress them. Our current President posted an address to the nation with his National Women's Month Presidential Proclamation on the White House website. He writes about how America "fight to protect young girls who are robbed of their rights,"  and will "continue to fight for women's rights and equality." Additionally, he noted the apparent cause of gender inequality: poverty. Nice try, number 45, but these "Nasty Women" are calling your bluff. 



Thankfully, there are still individuals who fight everyday to ensure and strengthen rights for women across the country and the globe. One such individual is Phoenix Fashion Designer, Eboni Lacey. This entrepreneur  uses her line of ready-to-wear clothing to empower the women of the world. Lacey has named the brand The Identity of She and created graphic images such as "Body Love" and "Savage." The designer enjoys finding strength in the words that are meant to harm. Feminism is the driving force for the creativity of these pieces. 

Eboni Lacey and The Identity of She are celebrating National Women's Month with sales and even a new design. This month, The Identity of She in partnership with jewelry line Xappaland, Michele Celentano Photographic and Simon Stylez Hair & Makeup showcased the female soldiers in the continuing war for gender equality. Designer, Eboni Lacey, with models Brittany Morehouse and Jazmen Simone Bearden, donned their camo, pieces from The Identity of She's and Xappaland's lines and raised their picket signs.  


Tops & Chokers: The Identity of She

Jewelry: Xappaland

Photography & Posing: Michele Celentano Photographic

Hair & Makeup: Jacob Hamilton - Simon Stylez Hair & Makeup

Protest Signs: Brittany Morehouse


Keep up the fight!

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