Bourjois vs Avon

The battle of the powder has began. Powder is an important part of my make-up routine in the morning. It is like glue, it holds all of your hard work together. I have very fair skin, which usually is very dry, so a powder for me needs to be hydrating yet set my make-up perfectly in place.

For at least a year now I have been happily using the Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder. It sets my make-up in place and ensure that it does not begin to separate during the day. Being a compact powder, it is not the most hydrating option out there, however I tend to only apply it under my eyes and my T-Zone. The thing that made me test out a new product was the powder’s colour options. Bourjois does not provide a wide range of shades to choose from, and the lightest option is too close to being too dark. With me being Casper the ghost, I always had to use my stippling brush to fully blend the powder in, because if I didn’t, I would be left with dark yellow under eye circles. If you are a very tanned woman, and lucky, I would recommend this product, it is a brilliant powder to purchase. However, for us who are unable to have a brilliant tanned, you can do better, and I found the perfect product to start with.

Soon I started to notice that my make-up started looking two dimensional and very flat due to the colour of the powder being too dark. Therefore i started shopping around for a powder which would suit my skin colour, yet still efficiently set my make up.


When I was processing my orders through Avon, I noticed that a customer was trying the new MagiX HD Finishing Powder. After a quick read of the reviews, I decided to order one for me to test. When it arrived I was very worried about trying the new product as I have had some disasters with powder half-way through my day. The first thing i noticed when i opened the powder is the burst of smell that hit me, it was just so subtle and fruity, it made me feel more comfortable applying it to my face. The powder went of the my real techniques brush very easily and did not cluster or fall down. Once i started softly applying it to my face, I realised how amazing the powder was. It was so sensitive, yet so good at covering imperfections and setting the make up. On a normal day i work about 10 hours, and when i returned home, my make-up barely look touched, it hadn’t moved an inch since I stepped out the house. Impressed is an under-statement. The best thing about the powder is that one colour suits all. The powder is white, and when applied to your face adapts to your skin tone, ensuring that it is just the perfect colour, making my job a 100% easier. Going back to my dry skin, I have found myself placing the powder all over my face to ensure all of my make-up has set, and my skin loves it. Best of all, it doesn’t make your face look dried out as it adds a healthy glow and makes it barely detectable.

This powder has been a godsend and I have never looked back for a second, not to mention it is cheaper and goes so much further. I would give this product both two thumbs up and urge you to try it yourself.

Published by Simona Juodeikaite

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