A Dreamlike Muse

A Dreamlike Muse

Nov 28, 2016, 4:46:25 AM Creative

I'm just waiting for pen and paper because they say write down what you remember 

I ain't trying to get lost in my memories, so I'll rather do the former than the latter

 You see I have dreams and I can't really discover the meanings but something tells me I got to keep believing

 Ever had that feeling when your eyes are heavy and you can barely stay awake

 Slowly start to block out the world and remove yourself from your surroundings, not knowing you slept through half the day.

Now imagine that awake, 

Where you start to make up a whole story in your head, hoping one day it will happen. 

Like one day you will travel the world or jump out of a plane, maybe you would climb the tallest mountain and sit with legends talking about the wonders of life. 

Won't that be great, one day!

Now imagine life in your vision, because fear doesn't reside where success is and abundance is on the offering so have a seat at the table.

You see I haven't grown away from the doubt and the depression I just learnt how to live with it because somewhere in me lurks the oppression.

 Is it an illusion, if I give you pleasant thoughts that distract your attention from the present. 

I can feel the tension when the beautiful lies override the disgusting truths You rather hear sugar coated words then listen to the tribulations...


Published by Simone McIntosh

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