"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery" - Thomas Jefferson, 1787

I prayed last night, that better days will come amongst the destruction, that my worries will fade away but tomorrow doesn't hold the same worries as today. I prayed for someone to lift me up as I rise from the darkest depths of my mind. All covered in white, like a dove taking flight. I will be peaceful.


I hold my hands up for freedom of my speech. Emancipated from mental slavery. I will overcome the chaos of this world. Break the shackles off my feet so I can dance on the shores at the end of time. I am not my hair, i am not my skin, I am the voice that lives within and still I rise. I shall be delivered.


I shall no longer be confined or Imprisoned because I am is in you and you in I. You say my melanin is so dark that you would not see these bruises but I feel the pain inside. Let's not be disheartened by the lies, read between the lines, cause I am just a girl with beauty in her eyes.



Published by Simone McIntosh

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