The only weapon in a war against reality

The only weapon in a war against reality

I created three posts on Instagram based on the topic of imagination, I believe that your passions can drive you to be the best person you can be. If you Dream, Believe and Imagine possibilities are endless in what you can achieve now and thereafter. That you can learn how to fly to gain freedom and celebrate your ambitions. 










To Imagine is to form a mental picture or idea of something...
We can conceive or imagine things also without limits but this can work both ways. It all begins with your thoughts and what you believe yourself to be true. If you think negative you would believe all the lies you tell yourself without limits, if you think positive you believe all the truth you tell yourself without limits.

Imagination has no boundaries so think about what you feed into your mind, body and soul. Achieve greater and reach higher.
Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen - Hebrews 11:1









The path in your palms seek and desire everything above and beyond, stretch your thoughts, think higher.
Leave the wayside way of thinking to the wasteful to those unsure and unthinking; misfires. 
Before this troubled world, it's well wishers and oppressors of progression immerse yourself fully into the deep seas of deep dreams

Get lost and find the better part of you deep seated and rooted in ravishingly creative streams

- Empress J











A wise person spoke of flees in a jar, the flees jumped to where the lid was sealed, when the lid came off the flees never jumped higher than when the lid was on the jar. As they produced the same thing happened, none of the flees jumped higher even though the lid was off.

Us as individuals are somewhat stuck in a position where we cannot reach higher than what we are told, don't be closed in. Set yourself apart from the standard of society , be alive in Christ because God has bigger plans for you. You just have to dream big and believe it. 

Did you forget who you once was, the one who held up your crown before the world told you take it down....




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