What Is Call Center Software And How Does It Work?

What Is Call Center Software And How Does It Work?

Jan 20, 2021, 7:20:05 AM Tech and Science

With modernization and digitalization, today’s businesses have multiple sources and types of communication that they can utilize to their advantage. In order to harness today’s multiple communication channels, a set of technology that most businesses are implementing is call center software

A call center software or solution is a system that lets businesses manage multiple communication channels including phone, live chat, instant messaging, email, SMS text, social media, etc. in a smooth and efficient manner. It is a perfect tool for customer support that can be used by call center agents to handle customer queries and resolve their issues with ease. 

Features of Call Center System

Some of the key features of a call center system include:

  • Controlled Telephony System: The system allows agents to hold, transfer, or mute calls. In addition to voice calls, the system also allows live chat, conferencing, email, and even response to social media messages.
  • Automatic Call Distribution: The system allows routing of calls to the most appropriate agent.
  • Interactive Voice Responses (IVR): The feature takes care of callers in the form of message greetings, service prompts menu, or waiting queue coverage before and after they are connected to the appropriate agents
  • Disposition Codes: The feature tags the result of every call such as ‘Not interested’, ‘Transferred to IT support’, ‘Refunded’, and so on.
  • Call Barging: The feature is especially designed for new agents, where the manager or supervisor can handle the call using a feature called whisper coaching, without informing the client about it.
  • Voicemail and Notifications: The system allows customers to leave a message for the agent when they are not available.
  • Real-Time and Historical Reporting: The feature keeps a record of all the metrics including the number of calls per day/line/agent/department, average duration of a call, average abandonment rate, waiting time, service level, and more.
  • Integration: The system also facilitates integration with third-party apps.

How does the call center system work?

Well, a call center is basically used as a management solution by businesses to oversee their incoming calls and other ways of communication associated with the products or services that they are offering. Moreover, the software is also used to make outbound calls to targeted customers for product marketing and sales. On the whole, the system generally works as follows:

  • The software identifies the caller by checking the unique entry in the database (DB) system. Suppose, the customer is calling for the first time, the software automatically adds the details of the new caller for future reference. 
  • In case the customer’s entry is already there in the database, the system accesses the records and presents them to the call center agent when they get a call from a customer. This way the system keeps call center agent’s equipped with sufficient information about the callers including issue history (if any) before handling the call.
  • If the caller has provided a response to the automated answer or by verbal acceptance, the call is appropriately queued according to the mapping in the DB, generally based on the agent’s skill set and the queue name.
  • When the call is pushed to the queue, all the agents that are mapped to the queue are able to pick up and respond to the call either manually or as an automatic assignment depending upon a scheduling system.
  • While handling the call, the agent can resolve customer’s issues by giving them instructions over the call or through other communication ways like email or SMS. They can even take their supervisor’s guidance while keeping them on the call for guidance to resolve the customer’s issues faster and efficiently. The system even allows agents to take remote access of the caller’s system if required, to resolve their issue. 
  • For issues that are not resolved in the first attempt it-self, the software system allows the call center agents to do a regular follow-up to keep track of the status and progress of the solution to resolve the particular issue. 
  • Based on the response of the caller, the agent can specify the status of the ticket as open, closed, resolved, or requires follow-up. 
  • If the status of the ticket is assigned as ‘closed’, an automated survey call or email is sent to the customer for feedback. Upon receiving the feedback, it is recorded in the system and can be utilized by the company for its marketing strategies or other purposes.

So, these are the key steps in which call center software usually works. The system streamlines the whole process, which otherwise would be a tiresome process for the call center agents. The system makes the job of call center agents easier and less complicated while ensuring utmost efficiency and productivity. 

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