Quiting college?!

School has started so the hard work can begin again now... The story I’m going to tell has nothing to do with my first sentence lol...

This year it is my first year as a real student and I’m studying for nursing. If you think I’m going to became a nurse later, then you’re wrong. I don’t really know it yet, the only thing I know is that I want to go to a university in Londen and study towards the care. Some people might think I’m crazy because I don’t know what I want to become and others will recognize it because they are going through the same thing as me. And I tell you one thing... It’s okay.

My school is in Amsterdam which is 30 minutes away with the car and 1 hour and 40 minutes with the public transport. Sometimes I’m very lucky because my dad will bring me or pick me up from school, if it’s not I just have to go with the tram,train and as last my bicycle (I know.. it’s a lot).

The first week of school I was like omg why did I chose to come all the way to Amsterdam?! And I still have the same thought about it. Amsterdam seemed like a nice city which it is and also a nice little change for me I thought... But that isn’t because the traveling sucks. Sometimes my train won’t go to my destination or it has a delay. I also hate to wake up early in the morning (5.30/6.00 am) or to come home really late. If you’re wondering about how long my day is, than honey you’re about to hear it now. For an example.. my classes at tuesdays starts at 8.30 am and ends at 17.45 pm. Like who the hell does that?

The first day I had a negative feeling about the whole thing, I had to listen to my parents because they told me it’s going to be really though for me, but I just wanted to figure things out on my own. I thought maybe the negative feeling will go away after a couple of days, but it didn’t. It got worse, when I thought about going to school, I had this whole nervous kinda feeling (difficult to explain) and I thing it’s because of everything is so new to me: the study, school and the travelling.

I applied for another school here nearby my house which is 20/30 minutes away with the bicycle. I think that’s just better for me now. In the future there is a huge chance, I will go to a school in Amsterdam, but that is for over 4 years. For now I’m just not ready for it.


If you’re not happy about something and you have the chance to change than please change it, it is never too late! Do you have a doubt about it? Talk to someone you trust, they can help you or send a message/mail me and I will try to help you even if you just want to share your problem with me.


ps: I am very busy with school and learning for my car theory. So I don’t think I can post every single week, but I try for you guys!

x Sinthija.

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