How to Choose the Right Spine Specialist – 6 Factors to Consider

On average, a human being makes about 35000 decisions per day. While this is an approximate number and the exact figure to identify is difficult, the number pretty much remains the same. These decisions, however, are done with conscious thought, and a majority of them are like what you will have for lunch or which series you will watch for the night do not matter in the long run.

But, we also make some really important decisions on a daily basis and when we begin to make them, it is important that we weigh down all the factors and elements affecting it. This also applies when you are deciding on which surgeon you should visit for a spinal examination, a physical therapy session or anything else. But, what factors should you consider? In this blog, we will explain which factors to consider evaluating a physical therapist and picking the right one for you.

1. Have a look at the Testimonials – Checking the customer/ patient testimonials on the doctor’s website is a great place to begin. Mostly because you can see what other people have experienced with the doctor. Sometimes, you might also come across patients with the same conditions and the testimonial will give you a much needed feedback. This is one of the main reasons why everyone today has a dedicated testimonial page on their website, because nothing speaks louder than a satisfied customer.

However, one drawback of checking testimonials is that the owner of the website has complete control over the content. This means that he/ she might never put negative comments on the website. To avoid this, let us move on to the next step.

2. Check for Reviews – A reputed spine specialist will have a good social media presence, and this can turn out the best place for you to check what others are saying about the doctor, good or bad, because google reviews cannot be deleted. You can check the reviews on Facebook or google to get an honest opinion about the specialist. Moreover, you can also see if the doctor responds to the patient’s comments and ensures that their concerns are addressed or not.


3. Verify the Certifications and Accreditations–Before finalizing on a spine specialist for your conditions; make sure that you visit their website to check for their certifications and relevant experience in the field. You can find this in the “about us” section or the “team” section which might have the names and qualifications of all the doctors. Make sure that you verify your doctor has credentials that are certified by the state’s medical board.

In the process, you might discover discrepancies and differences in what the doctor has advertised and what credentials he actually possesses. In this case, feel free to talk with your doctor and get clear of any confusions, you might have.


4. Ask Around other People for Personal Experiences–This one’s a bit tricky and we know it’s easier said than done when it comes to asking people about something as serious as a spine surgery. Unfortunately, people might have a hundred stories to share about their experiences with a car or something else, but not many people have undergone spinal surgeries or physical therapies. However, that should not discourage you from asking about it. You might ask your coworkers or pop up a question on your personal social media handle and so on. Chances are you might find a lot of people to help you with their personal experiences and suggestions.


5. Meet the Specialist and Talk about your Concerns–Even if you have set the consultation, it doesn’t mean you have to stick around the same therapist/ spine specialist even when it doesn’t seem right. When you visit the doctor, make sure that you have all the questions prepared and ask all of them to get the peace of mind you deserve and ensure that the doctor feels right. Which spine specialist you choose for your spine problems or surgery is a major decision, so don’t feel like you are stuck with a surgeon or a doctor you first speak with. A spine specialist doctor in New York that answers all your questions, addresses all your concerns and makes you feel comfortable is the right one for you.


6. Get a Second Opinion – Many spine specialists encourage patients to get second opinions and many even refer patients to other doctors if they feel they are the correct choice. The more information you can gather about different doctors and the more you research, the more confident you will feel when it comes to finally choosing a doctor for your needs.

We get it that there is a lot to consider but see what you are dealing with. Your body is your most prized possession and you don’t want to get a wrong person to deal with it. So take enough time, research enough, talk to people, get all concerns addressed and only work with someone who makes you feel comfortable and someone you can trust on. At New York Spine & Sports Rehabilitation, our spine specialist doctors in New York are few of the best ones in the field with extensive experience and skills to ensure you get the best possible results and return to an active, pain-free life. To book an appointment with our trained physical therapists, get in touch with us now! 

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