Everything About Your Tyre Markings

Everything About Your Tyre Markings

Aug 13, 2021, 5:49:45 AM Business

Are you well aware of your tyre markings? Do you know how to read your tyres? Supposedly NO. Reading a car tyre is one of the professional's skills. It is extremely important to understand your tyres as they are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Playing infinite functions and yet ignored. Tyres being on the surface provides you safety on the road. Motorists suggest people to not underestimate their tyres and start understanding them. 

Michelin tyres reading can be a difficult task. Learning about each part of your tyre can be tricky for beginners. Before learning about the markings, the question is where do you find these markings. You will be able to find these markings on the sidewall of your tyre. Now, the sidewall is the protective shield that saves your tyres from getting damaged. Tyre markings or a sequence will be embossed on the sidewall of the tyre.

A code like 225/55R20 95 H

After decoding this sequence you can gather a lot of information about your tyre like the manufacturing date, expiry date, width, and much more details. 

Decoding can be a very easy task if done step by step-

The first number is 225 which depicts the width of your tyre. The width is measured from sidewall to sidewall and is measured in milometers which makes it 225mm. It is an important aspect while buying your tyres as purchasing tyres of the same size and width improves the performance and agility of your vehicle.

The next number after the slash denotes the aspect ratio of your tyre. It means the height of the sidewall in the ratio of the width. It is mostly measured in percent to the width of the tyre. It is directly proportional to the width. 

Followed by aspect ratio comes the tyre construction denoted by R, this letter tells you how your tyre is constructed. Hereby R means it is a radial tyre. 

The next comes is the diameter of your tyre. In the given example, it is 20. so the diameter of the tyre is 20. Unlike the width, it is measured in inches. 

The next in line is the load index, which tells you the maximum capacity your tyres can hold. In the given example it says 95 which means your tyres can take up to 650 pounds/tyre. For this particular point, you can take professional help.

The next is the Speed rating index. It is as such not mentioned on the sidewall of the tyre but it denotes the maximum speed at which your tyres can run. It is important to keep in mind that you must drive gently. 

Not just this, there are some other cheap tyres readings you must know about. Certainly many don't know but you must consider everything about your tyres while buying them. You might have to take these details to your tyre manufacturer or you can get all the information in your tyre handbook.

  • The model name of the tyre
  • Indicator for tyre tread wearing out
  • Rotational tyre direction
  • In which country your tyre has been manufactured
  • Your tyre manufacturer. 

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