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Worldventures has been the driving force for ruining most student / athletes lives within this country for a number of years now and as I love the reality of this industry especially the connection they have to so many great realities and leaders within the "Texas Republic", they are letting it happen so gracefully for the sake of the NFL, NCAA, Entertainment Companies and neighboring countries both for ministry opportunities and building up production teams while not doing anything honest about peoples deliberate acts of violence, crime and civil suits. It's called double honor in some places and Let's Go or Do it in others. 

Stories continue to get developed by Tony Robbins and the Pastors of Grace Immanuel Bible Church for this while people use both theologies to over take a market to which they so proudly profess but do not confess. Wake Up , Lock it Up , Look Up , Man Up Theology for the sake of your Media Companies in Jupiter is Falling and has Fallen as far as I'm concerned. Thank You for the Push out the door as so many families including mine will thrive in great ministry and production growth.

JoJo the Rev Simmons ring a bell or is the "Phillip Wragg" getting in the way. 

I guess now I and the Co Captain knows that when people are thrown under the bus others whom have been wronged get a chance to breathe or is it the make sure you are ready for service as a good leader above reproach bid that both sides of the coin cling to for Celebrate Recovery stories Smart Plan Investing have mustard up. Sorry but I never knew you nor do I want to. You will have great success though as your brothers do great work. Trust that the Evette's of this world will have a field day making sure the young ones go off to Vacation Bible School and Ministries Abroad with great assurance. 

Or Maybe it's the 2 Thessalonians admonishment as a brother stages of life since most of the people do their recruiting early on in the season especially when their are football and baseball teams on the rise that the loving brother's can greatly be a part of.

I guess the, "he died in Mexico thing won't really work so much anymore now will it. Honesty is the way to go but than again our lives and professional careers are on the line."

Maybe when the likes of practicing how to use the devil's joy stick for the sake of large companies and great stories is brought to justice than you might learn how to step down and confess your corruption for the sake of second and third chances to which you preach against but depend on for the seasonal preaching or systematic theology. I do apologize.  

Silent Producer over here is practicing that as well though I'm not that greatest at it since he hasn't been accepted into the Seminary Hall of Fames just yet with a great and glorious family we need to have and build to get rid of those urges to sin. What a shame the truth has to be a party pooper.

I pray you taught them soundly because Mr."Steve Elias Cox" is so greatly prepared to protect his flock from the lies he's told and taken part in right down to the very drop of teen ministries here at Siegal Suites Blvd. 

Sorry but your alarm clock isn't quite honest enough to care about much anymore especially since it's great you have used your military experience so well or lack there of. Go to the VA like everyone else instead of using it within the church or pulpit to manipulate those who actually want to grow with friends or lack their of. 

Thanks for the great speeches and RED LETTER PROJECTS as the compliance department sits right outside the door making sure the devil is used appropriately for the sake of this next great Presidency and Generation to which you don't obey nor are in subjection to because just like the Vatican we are able to build our own entities now aren't we. Welcome to Reformed Theology at it's BEST!   

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