"If you bury your head in the sand and believe that things will just get better on their own, that you will one day wake up and government will have decided to simply leave you alone - then you deserve to see your children wearing the chains of government servitude." - Glenn Beck 

Please let me go a step further in saying that when you do not wake up to the reality that it's not just the government and our own foolishness which gives heed for Satan to pry into our lives for whatever he so pleases than you are yet a slave to what you live for and what you continually focus on. Many individuals have a longing to go off to school and play an athletic sport and or even become an entrepreneur within but foolishness of peer groups, satans demise and parents clinging to a false reality that everything is going to be okay because one or two made it out, or "it's my child no way, not him or her". I do not want to point out the parents primarily here because we all need to take responsibility for others even especially when we are called to. 

In those moments when Christ is saying well done, we want to believe and know Christ has done his work through us. Within Mentorship we need to continue growing in having a W|R Minded understanding of how to help those in need and to not chase for the sake of chasing, or recruiting for the sake of recruiting or producing for the sake of producing but actually get out their in honesty and humility within this new ball park of people doing it on their own and failing. 

I vote for Christ to literally build up his army of true soldiers in honesty and love to go out their and call his people to be men and woman of faith within this industry to which holds us captive called life.  

When we fail to hit this mark as a nation and a friend group it's dishonoring and difficult to come back from, someone in a book I read recently said that it is more difficult to gain your reputation back than to keep it. We need to make sure that keeping it and or even losing it isn't something of a focus but Christ's forgiveness and that of second chances as well as a love that will humble us to do better and righteous among his people will bring us to our knees in thanksgiving. 

This takes resources, this takes brave souls, this takes prayer, this takes courage and most of all faith in a higher power not our toiling in manipulative fields of play for the sake of having it our way but giving dreams back instead of stealing them in competition. 

Questions to Ask: 

1) Are our goals in life really that worth it?

2) Are we worth the reality of doing and being better? (gut wrenching truths) 

3) Now what is the reality of my focus? And what is my true potential from a Godly POV that I need to cling to? 

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