I’m on page 730 of the “Vogue” magazine, reading  article “Close and Personal”, something very inspiring, about current modern art trends. This is how it starts:
“The world wide reaction against globalism takes many forms, most of them less dramatic then Brexit. In the art world, a trend has been emerging toward personal, intimate and sometimes small scales paintings. The new world has almost nothing in common with the overblown, space filling, mixed – media installations….”

Very interesting so far as the following sentence:”As if to underscore the point New York’s James Cohan Gallery recently put on a show called “Intimism” with mostly small figurative paintings by 26 artists, some old and some new…” Among them are Genieve Figgis (never heard before), Shara Hughes which work put a spell on me right on the first look and Nigerian -born artist Njideka Akunyili Crosby.

I’m reading and celebrating: finally, I’m not the only one in attempt at this particular time and space to connect with (higher) self – point where inner beauty transforms into points of external beauty, reality. Also, it crossed my mind “hallelujah” for the daily beauty routine we have. Suddenly I perceive it as many other important ways in accomplishing this mission.

Published by Slavica Damnjanović

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