Don’t mess around with your MOOD-BOARD!

Don’t mess around with your MOOD-BOARD!

DON’T MESS around with your MOOD-BOARD,
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You see these #dotty #slippers? That’s me, myself and I in front of the mood board (vision board, whatever you like) which I made 3 years ago. Amazing, founded it in a dining room…What can I say: I really love my life. Now, take a look at the beautiful blond hair girl in the left corner. Yes, the one with the green smoothie in one and stylish bag in another hand, going down the street. Here is the close up---

You see, at that time I just – put that gorgeous photo out there- as an example of a pretty stylish, healthy, lifestyle and stuff like that, but YES I  wasn’t aware what will REALLY happen: now I am like THAT girl with like THAT vegetable juice, walking down the street after yoga class (didn’t I hated vegetables!?). No,  I am not complaining,  this is what I am trying to say: don’t mess around with your mood board because it’s magical! You don’t believe me? Try it just for fun…and see what will happen..maybe something unpredictable, but if you have adventurous spirit like I do and if you are much more awareness person then I was when I started this journey, everything will be just fine. Right?

This is Jennifer Lawrence in “Ralph Lauren” sweater (that fashion detail means a lot of to me) and in the middle of mine beautiful mess. Yes, you are right I’m thinking about new vision board, so I started to read some magazines, many of them I found quite inspirational…for example Hollywood “Vanity Fair” issue recording  Jennifer as the female Lancelot of a modern time…interesting point of view of a woman’s beauty, what do you think about?

Love this beauty crowd…always have “Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse” with me – it is absolutely perfect, gorgeous, divine, CAN’T imagine my daily beauty routine without it…  why people are saying that they do their beauty routine just because of themselves? Can’t be truth, still, we live with other people too, with someone who will notice that we are pretty or not, smell nice or not, or look cool…. and this is fine.

This is my current beauty must have product: “Nuxe Marveillance Expert Yeux”, a perfect anti age lifting eye cream with caffeine which means that this formula is created for removing dark circles and puffiness too and it certainly does: I have tried, and you know what: smells gorgeously!


Now, what is this!? Hush, I’ m looking at the photo which I have, obviously, made by myself and what we have here? Yes, marvelous anti age cream for face and eyes “Nuxe Marveillance Expert” but in the most unexpected company – “The Beatles”!!! See these guys running down the street? This is the photo from the movie “A Hard Day’s Night”, 1964. where  “The Beatles” were the super stars…..#omg I just made, by chance, the Glamour Beauty Festival…

So, welcome to my blog, join me, as you see  I’m also celebrating  quite spontaneously my new awesome “Sephora” makeup palette for tonight: please, glasses up – cheers  Sephora and Beauty Glam girls and all of you who are addicted and obsessed with makeup like I am…


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