Feeling the meaning of the word decadence, on my skin

Feeling the meaning of the word decadence, on my skin

Feeling the meaning of the word decadence, on my skin

You think I made a mistake writing the title of this post, that nobody can feel the meaning of the words?  Well, I can tel you this: I am not confused and I am not seduced, at this very moment in this particular issue, with English phrases, verbs and nouns. Under contrary! I know what I’m doing – writing down what I recently experienced and the thing is, my dearest, I truly felt the meaning of the word decadence on my skin.

I’m always on the run (probably like you) and I admit, I live my life, most of the time like I’m spinning around, or like I’m rolling down the road  where traffic signs are verbs: need to, have to, must to and the essence, driven force of that trip of mine is made of words such as obligation, duties, promises, time, dead line, worries, wrong, right, pay check and discipline. STOP. Full stop.

Apple, Coffee, “Vogue”, shower gel “Kozmetika Afrodita Raspberry Cream” and I. Apple for body, Raspberry Cream for body and soul: what a Life! Good morning! Could I be more happier, more joyful after delicious fruity beauty treatment?! I feel amazing! Few moments ago I was like literally dived in to the raspberry smoothie, even raspberry ice cream. No! I am not preaching like some beauty addict, this is nothing about words or feelings overload and please, don’t spoil the party with some cheap erotic comments. OK? I mean, how do they manage to successfully create such a smoothie – yummy texture!? Look, this beauty product isn’t just ordinary nourishing cosmetic formula for highly hydrated skin, it is a mood booster, poetry for the senses! Who doesn’t want it? Listen I saw they have a shower gel with pistachio which I assume it is amazing too, so right now I’m gonna pack my things, grab my wallet and guess what? I am on the run  again, but in different mood and with special mission: to by a beauty formula for my beautiful mind and beautiful appearance. Sorry, I got to vanish now, at the end I can tel you this: If I had some tricky thoughts under the shower this morning while I was enjoying smoothie beauty yummy bubbles….never mind, next time I will send the invitations to the Pantheon of Romans Gods and have real fun. I know, I know, I’m incredible ambitious ! Bye, Bye…

Published by Slavica Damnjanović

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