Heya Broadway, galleries, donuts, cup cakes and sneakers

They call him “The Big Apple”. Truly, funny nickname for a metropolis like New York is but quite suitable even from the present perspective. I imagine, at this point, there is no the biggest, the hippest, the most appreciative place in the world then Manhattan where thousands, millions of impossible missions have been turned into possible. It seems that City has a magical drive force. Let say: definitely has. What is it? Jazz? Sex? Fashionable single New Yorker’s females – grounded but in their own way, crazy and bold like no one else can imagine? Or “Christian Dior” dresses seen on the streets, yellow cabs and all other astonishing things like: jazz men in the jazz clubs, theaters (heya Broadway), galleries, donuts, cup cakes, sneakers, skating at lower Manhattan at “Rockefeller Center”, perhaps “Wolman Rink”, or even maybe New Year’s Eve…?

I don’t know. I haven't seen “The Big Apple” , yet but I would like to. Let’s talk about if you don’t mind…or even better, if you have time,  let’s go to New York, together, and fulfill my dream.

Published by Slavica Damnjanović

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