I Am, Oh, A Woman


Yesterday I wrote, APPARENTLY unconsciously, that I am a daydreamer. Am I? Maybe I am a time traveller...who can tell, but this could be one of many thousands possible ecplanations of my devotion to the ocean of love, mermaids, dolphins, pearls, denim, flowers, freedom, art, beauty, cosmology and internet....anyway I am a woman, you see 😊

" You ain't got nothing in your pockets to keep me alive
But I got something for all you men to make you cry
And holler oh oh oh oh woah
And holler oh oh oh oh woah
I'm a w-o-m-a-n, a woman, a woman."

Etta James

P.S. This is the song of the day...by the way I think she (Etta) is quite amazing.  I've discovered her gorgeous voice thanks  to my dear friend Alex 😊

Published by Slavica Damnjanović


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