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I am big fan of “Sephora” eye shadows. Not obsessed with, like: sorry, could you move little bit over there, then jump over feet of some fancy shopaholic, grab makeup palette over her shoulder and in front of her nose, finally vanish from the scene: what was that? Fly or bee – no, it was me! Not like that – crazy makeup junkie. I am admirer in silence, the one who is deeply moved from the heart every time when come in touch with round – high pigmented color dot made by “Sephora” makeup designers which is – the eye shadow that you can see above and down below.

LET ME WARM YOU UP. First I thought, hey, this is my Orange Sun, smooth, vibrant and exact, looking at me with wide open eyes, but then, when I finished the shooting I started thinking how this intense vibration of color is remanding me on planet Mercury, too. Now, let me see, if I am makeup artist I will recommend this color of eye shadow for Wednesday morning, without eyeliner, but with black or blue mascara and nude lipstick. What do you think? Are you, or are you not brave heart? Oh, I almost forgot. At the end I decided to name this picture BUDHIST. Ha, ha, ha …


VIOLET VIBRATION, this is how I called this picture. Interesting thing is that I hardly succeeded to make her sharp and clean. Pigments of colors literally are jumping together in air and making foggy atmosphere. I’m thinking, this is perfect color for seducing innocent man especially if you have green eyes….put the burgundy shade lipstick on your lips and he will be knocked down. Yes,you could  give him a chance – count to ten, but you will see only  how he is hypnotized  with your magnetic power.


Oh, alert, alert! This is dangerous: DOUBLE MOOD.


NEPTUNIAN MOOD…I am sure. I would like to drawn in this pigments of blue blues, fly through their dust, breathe the blue air around…beautiful blue, toxic, unreal, seductive, blowing your mind like you have seen gold fish flying through the blue sky. Ideal time for wearing – Friday Party!

Published by Slavica Damnjanović

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