Time of innocence


Some people use their creativity for fun – hanging around with friends, laughing and have a good time most of the day, making parties, travelling around the world and stuff like that. Others, they doing their best to become rich and famous – having nice suits, most expensive phones, and cars, summer holidays on Ibiza. In generally, all of them are happy. Well, I have a different story. You see. I use my creativity to get stacked. Yes. And I am using so damn well that you will be surprised! For example, I naturally seek for that “superstate” and when I jump in, I start to observe it with precision and devotion of a scientist how could I get it more and more of that coma – going deeper and deeper and deeper, and I am really going deeper until I realize that the hole is much bigger than in the cartoon “Alice in Wonderland”! Then, I start pulling myself rapidly like a rabbit with the clock in his pocket while refusing the help of any other living been off course and complaining in a very specific way: yelling.


Here are some other facts which can help you to imagine me as a stacked person.You can’t have such a really good time with me – dancing all night, flirting spontaneously with guys in the club, get drunk, then forgot your wallet in the taxi cab because of that, which means with me as a friend you will never have a chance to share “last night story” to your colleagues during the lunch. Also, I am very reliable, not addicted to drugs or alcohol and recently not addicted to cigarettes. Told you, I’m bored to death.
Hey, don’t worry, it is not so dark in my life. There are some places where almost everyone would be like to be staked. I have great love, admiration and appreciation for Beauty, especially when it comes to cosmetic and makeup products. there are all over my place (even in the refrigerator, I swear it!) and I skipped them all the time. Sometimes I took pictures of them like I did with these two where the main protagonist are “Too Faced Primers and Long Wear Lipstick”.

This one I took by chance. One day, I was cooking the sauce for pasta and suddenly I decided to replace the “Vogue” magazines from one side to another side of the table, in the dinning room. One of them just slipped trough my hands and finished on the floor while pulling down the plate with primers from this photo. It was the special edition:”Il Matrimonio Perfecto”. I opened it right on the page with title: “Un gusto per dire crazies”. The article was about sweet chocolate for gifts – le Bomboniere – and I thought:”How wonderful”. The end of the story was obvious and clear as blue sky – quite natural for the person like me, stacked in the beauty and makeup products, right?
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And, if you like to hear something about these beauty queens: makeup primers or long wear lipstick, let me know I will write my review about. But, somehow, at this moment, I felt that this is more important subject. I admit, even if it is Sunday I get up early in the morning to put these beauties on the line, to fly…

Published by Slavica Damnjanović

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