Investing in Invisalign - A Good or Bad Decision?

Investing in Invisalign - A Good or Bad Decision?

Aug 31, 2021, 7:33:48 AM Life and Styles

Be it metal braces or clear braces, the prospect of having an orthodontic treatment is a lifelong investment that makes your teeth better looking and your mouth working as it should.

Thanks to improvements in the field of orthodontics, currently, there are so many good teeth straightening options you can choose from.

When it comes to clear aligners, Invisalign has grown in popularity and use because of its efficiency. It is true that metal braces have retained their spot as the most commonly known orthodontic work, but Invisalign from the family of clear braces is an option with higher demands. Patients who choose Invisalign are more confident of a straighter smile even when the treatment is ongoing due to its innovative design.

Choosing between traditional braces and Invisalign may not be an easy thing as both options have their unique efficacies. But when put on a scale, you can tell the difference between these two options. So, let's see what makes Invisalign different from metal braces and why it's a worthy investment.

Duration of treatment

In comparing braces and Invisalign, a look at how long treatment takes is important before talking about Invisalign cost is important. While this question seems tricky, let it be known that the entire treatment time for both metal braces and Invisalign depends on the person involved since everyone has got different mouth type and orthodontic needs. One may believe that since Invisalign are plastic trays, they take more time and are not so effective. But this isn't true. The clear aligners are designed to have the same strength and functionality as braces. What this implies is that, in general, it will take just about the same duration to treat malocclusion with Invisalign as it would using metal braces.

You can get treated faster with Invisalign than traditional braces depending on how complex your dental condition is and how well you care for your teeth and Invisalign. But bear in mind that there isn't any guarantee that Invisalign will align teeth faster than metal braces, however, it definitely will not take more time.

Invisalign says the mean duration for an Invisalign treatment is from 12 to 18 months.

The upsides of clear braces

Not only does Invisalign topple braces by its clear appearance, but it also does so in many other ways. Yes, everyone may not be qualified for Invisalign treatment, but for people who are suitable for it, the following perks are obtainable:

  • More comfortable and gentle teeth straightening
  • There are no limits on what to eat
  • Appointments come down to a few
  • Easily removable trays for teeth cleaning
  • Unprohibited participation in sporting and musical activities

From simple to more complicated malocclusions, Invisalign and metal braces are a good option. In general, these two treatments have orthodontic insurance coverage. Most patients choose Invisalign if they are qualified - but the motivation is the gentleness, efficiency and near invisibility of Invisalign that makes people smile more confidently.

What is critical when choosing Invisalign

Clear aligners have got great benefits, but they are not magical. They are virtually invisible yet a type of braces. What does this mean? You should care for Invisalign with devotion to get fast and excellent results. That you can remove aligners to eat, drink, brush and floss your teeth is also a thumbs up. But it's critical to wear them for 20 to 22 hours daily. Another important aspect is making sure to brush and floss after each meal and cleaning your Invisalign trays every day.

A little carelessness in due diligence in the use of Invisalign will find you spending a longer time to achieve that stunning smile. This is why it is said that Invisalign requires discipline!

Cost comparison

Having seen the benefits that comes with invisalign, and the steps to take to get optimal results, the next important consideration is knowing if invisalign is something you should spend on compared to metal braces. So, that brings us to: "What is the cost of invisalign?".

The average cost of invisalign is estimated to be from £2,524 to £5,769. On the flip side, the mean cost of metal braces is between £1,803 to £4,327. But there are other sources that present the cost of braces and invisalign to be at par and range from £2,163 to £5,048.

Truly speaking, your personal orthodontic needs determines to a large extent the range of braces or Invisalign treatment cost in UK. But, for patients that are suitably qualified, the cost of invisalign is about the same as that of traditional braces. Your dental practice can give more useful information on how much Invisalign cost.

So, is invisalign worth choosing?

You should always see your orthodontist first to tell you what treatment options you have for any dental concern you're experiencing. Should it be that your case can be treated with either braces or Invisalign, then clear aligners may be a good investment for you. Apart from giving you the same great results within the duration (if not a bit faster) traditional braces would offer, you stand a chance to gain extra benefits including convenience and increased confidence in your looks when you choose invisalign. The fact that clear aligners are not easily noticed is one huge selling point invisalign has. Many patients are drawn to this option because no one will find out they are straightening their teeth.

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