What to Know If You're Planning a Wedding During COVID-19

What to Know If You're Planning a Wedding During COVID-19

Oct 25, 2021, 7:32:27 AM Opinion

Planning a wedding takes a lot of work usually and people have to consider many things. To make this occasion of happiness and excitement truly interesting, you need to focus on many factors like décor and food. For this, you have to discuss and work with many vendors, preparing the guest list, and more.

However, given the recent pandemic, it has been difficult for most couples to properly plan the celebration perfectly. There are particular things that you need to think about during your wedding preparation in the upcoming months. Here, we shall delve into them further.

1.    Depend on technological resources

One of the best solutions for the planning process is to go digital. In many places, the authorities bring out new guidelines for Covid-19 safety. Lockdowns can arise suddenly, which can put a dampener on enjoying an event or even planning a set date.

Therefore, focus on technological solutions like e-invites or a personalized website. This is easier to handle, for both you and your guests to RSVP.

2.    Postpone the actual wedding date

Truly, when you are in love with someone and want to start your future with them, you want to do it as soon as possible. There is no denying that, but you should consider holding a huge celebration later. Opt for a mini ceremony with social distancing protocols for now. Invite your closest people. You can plan a larger event with all your other special guests at a later period.

3.    Set guidelines for the guests

You should mention the safety guidelines for your celebration to your guests to ensure proper protection for them. Being upfront about the rules is important, like stating everyone should carry a mask for the event. Make this rule compulsory for unvaccinated guests.

In case you are handing out masks directly to your guests, add that information in the invitation. You can mention protocols like mask importance and hand sanitization on a personalized wedding sign board. Here, you can make this a fun factor to interest your guests. Create customized masks that are compatible with your wedding theme for an added attraction.

4.    Hire the right professional team

For planning the wedding, taking the help of professional wedding vendors is important in the earliest phase. Statistically, many couples tying the knot book their vendor ahead of time to handle the overall planning process with health rules in mind. Most of the vendors are understanding of the pandemic condition and arrange their work accordingly.

You can find the right vendors from the local directory of the wedding venues, through recommendations, or online websites. Research about your options first before hiring any of them for your celebrations.

5.    Social distancing etiquette at the venue

You need to worry about the space conditions at your wedding whether you are planning an outdoor or an indoor event. Carefully check out the venue area and verify the space conditions. At this point, consider if your total number of guests can fit into the region without getting cramped.

Make sure you can continue the social distancing efforts within the space, have space for the nuptials, and place the chairs and tables at comfortable distances. Also, you should have enough area to rent extra seats for safe distance among all attendees. Choose your venue accordingly.

6.    Online wedding shopping

For most of your wedding shopping, it is better to turn towards online outlets. Multiple top brands have their personalized websites for items like wedding dresses. Research the common trends available and shop your choices from their directory. Some businesses offer custom dress-making services online, so you can reach out to these experts.

7.    Caution about the guest arrival times

In regular wedding days pre-2020, most of the guests used to converge at the wedding venue entrance. This is not highly appropriate in the mid-pandemic period. Accordingly, you should specify a huge gap in arrival timing for your guests to arrive at different timings.

Also, seat your guests properly at different zones. While creating the seating chart, place vulnerable guests like older citizens or children at more secluded places away from the big crowds.

8.    Complete the bookings early

Experts in the industry state that there has been a high interest in event planning for weddings for the upcoming years. Due to the high demand, it is possible not to get vendors easily if you have specific preferences. The demand would further increase as conditions improve.

At this point, you should choose most of your vendors and hire them ahead of time.

9.    Be open to flexibility in the planning

You need to stay flexible about your wedding planning instead of focusing on one location, date, or guest count. There are particular points you have to compromise on to maintain the pre-set regulations. For example, limit your guest list. It is better to keep your invite list small to keep up with the social distancing protocols in your region.

10.                       Plan your budget with safety additions

You should add Covid-19 protection items into your budget besides wedding costs like the venue charge, catering, and photography. For example, spend a portion of your expenses on sanitizers and masks.


All things considered, properly planning the safety measures for wedding preparation would ensure the best protection. Work with your vendors and organize the venue-based resources carefully. Most of all, follow proper Covid-19 safety precautions. With the right kind of effort, focus, and initiative, you can create a gorgeous event for your big day. 

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