Myths on accident lawsuits Debunked by Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Myths on accident lawsuits Debunked by Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Sep 14, 2021, 7:04:32 AM News

Motorcycles are fun, adventurous, and exciting. However, motorcycle riding comes with its risks and dangers. Based on the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle accidents cases are prevalent than other accidents. 

The fatalities, injuries, and sometimes wrongful death lead to serious motorcycle accident lawsuits. Thousands of people get victimized every year in motorcycle accidents. It is one of the reasons why you get to experience a lot of myths related to accidents. 

Here is a guide on myths debunked by a motorcycle accident lawyer. These myths will help you understand the reality and what to expect if you are injured. 

Common Myths related to Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

A motorcyclist is always the faulty one. 

It is wrong! Even though the riding is always dangerous, the blame isn't always on the motorcyclist. There is are the possibility of hazardous road conditions, debris, potholes, and even negligence of another party. 

There can be many reasons for accidents, and the law relies on evidence rather than assumptions. Any type of accident will first go through the investigation, and then the at-fault party will be held liable. 

If you are partially at fault, you don’t deserve compensation.

Victims of auto accidents can seek compensation for the injuries and damage as well as losses sustained. If you are a motorcyclist and believe that you were partially responsible, speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer. 

You may still be eligible to get compensation for the additional medical expenses, damage that you are dealing with. 

Depending upon the degree of fault, you may receive monetary support. Every case is different, and therefore, you need to know your rights as a victim. 

You can never afford to hire an attorney.

People assume to settle outside rather than seeking fair justice with the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer.However, there are law offices that don’t charge fees if you don’t get compensated. It means the cases are on a contingency basis which keeps you in a better position. 

Plus, with the assistance of a lawyer, you will be able to make your case side strong. Finally, it will allow you to gain the same compensation you deserve, rather than settling for less. To contact a motorcycle accident lawyer, visit

I can count on an Insurance Company.

It is one of the most common myths, and victims put all their faith in insurance companies. However, these companies only focus on their benefit. They will investigate the matter, look for loopholes and try to settle you with less. 

If you don’t have a professional, they will overtake your case and prove you guilty. The insurance companies have the sources and power and look only for their benefit and not yours. Therefore, do not rely on the insurance companies and speak with them only when you have a motorcycle personal injury attorney. 

Motorcyclists are always risk-takers 

Motorcyclists always get considered as risk and challenge seekers. Therefore, in cases where the accident is involved, motorcyclists are naturally blamed. 

But, the reality is, the law doesn’t believe in assumptions. Law relies on facts, proofs, evidence, and statements. If you are not guilty, you will not get charged. 

Motorcyclists evoke the image of tattooed and tough riders wearing long pants and leather jackets. But, the reality is exceptionally opposite of it, and it is essential to get rid of the myth. 

The helmet never helps, and it doesn’t matter to wear it.

Once again, no true! Department of Transportation (DOT) has approved helmets to be the most effective protection. It covers the head of the rider, and it helps to avoid any kind of fatal situation. 

In fact, at the time of collision and crash, motorcyclists are in a better position and far more sage. People wearing helmets have a better chance to avoid injuries than those not wearing them. Plus, having a helmet on will also impact your case. 

Call a motorcycle personal injury attorney now!

If you have suffered severe injuries, you need to fight for your rights and seek compensation. Talking to a motorcycle accident lawyer will help you be away from all the myths. At Bailey & Galyen Attorneys at law, you will have professionals on board who understand your unique challenges. They are aware of all the rights a victim hold, along with dealing with insurance companies.

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