Visit best gynecologist in Dallas On Your Periods: Advisable or not?

Visit best gynecologist in Dallas On Your Periods: Advisable or not?

Jun 28, 2021, 1:40:58 PM Life and Styles

The thought of visiting your Gynocologist when you are on your periods may scare you out! Well, to be honest, you are not alone.

Everyone during their periods thinks twice. This is not the only question you may have in your mind. You are also wondering whether you can have a pelvic exam or a pap smear during the period?

When it is that time of the month, consulting the best gynecologist in Dallas would be the last thing in your mind. You have already made your mind to skip the idea. Hold on. You need to hear the truth. Your Gyno doesn’t mind if you are on your periods, only you are the one that overthinks, not kidding!

You are on your periods during your Exam.

When you book an appointment with the best professional in your area, you need to do it in advance. For that matter, you can’t control your periods or push them ahead of the appointment date. Periods are uncertain. Even though you know the dates, they might fluctuate.

Well, a very professional M.D., obstetrician-gynecologist once said, "If you can’t visit your Gynecologist during periods, who would you visit?" Isn’t it strange? Because they are the ones who deal with all kinds of problems a girl/ woman faces. Why would they have a problem during your periods?

Initially, Doctors used to advise to reschedule!               

Earlier, when there was no modern technology, advanced medical equipment’s. Doctors used to suggest delaying or prepone the visit to avoid periods.  The Pap test and other pelvic exams were not up to the mark or accurate during periods. Since the reports weren’t clear enough due to the blood.

Now, things have changed! Doctors don’t even care or be bothered to know whether you are on your periods. Since modern technology, tests, and other improvised methods have made everything possible.

What about when you are on heavy flow?

Well, here is when the problem can be way too much to control. It is better to reschedule and make another appointment.

When the pad has been heavily soaking during your heavy flow, tampons need a constant change every hour. You have to decide and noo visit the doctor because they won’t help you.

Remember, you are the one who will be able to understand the kind of periods you are going through. Heavy flow is a big no for the appointment. At the same time, normal flow won’t seem to be a problem at all!

The best gynecologist in Dallas will tell you not to visit during heavy flow. So, it is better that you make constant communication with them to know what you can and can not do.

What about Menstrual Cramping and Doctor Visit?

One thing to know here is, menstrual cramping doesn’t affect the test and your visit to the doctor. The only thing concerning here is whether or not you are comfortable with it. It is better if you talk to your doctor about it before they do anything on you. Since they are more aware of the situation and they can tend to help you out with that. 

What’s a pediatric urologist’s role?

A pediatric urologist treats the problem associating with children in their urinary and genital conditions.

They are the ones children should be consulted too, instead of going to a gynecologist. One thing is, they are specialized in treating kids. They know how to communicate with the child.

They are aware that kids are scared of doctor’s visits. Therefore they have a suitable space and environment. One that the child feels safe and comfortable, so they can be able to get treated rightly.


When you have no idea what to do during periods and doctor visits, it is best to ask them your doubts first on call. Get the right and best gynecologist in Dallas at Injured Care. A directory that will help you land to the right professional on time. Seek assistance and see how they make a big difference in your health with their advice and tips. 

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